Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Scammers and Hackers At Amazon

 Got a strange email today from Amazon Security about  how they locked my account and put a hold on my order. Well I don't have an Amazon account so I surely haven't taken out any orders. But this is why I closed my account with them last year when 3 people I know had their accounts drained of every penny in their checking account or had huge charges on credit cards. So be aware!!. I also recieved something like this from PayPal another thing I don't like or use.

The heat finally broke a bit and I thought I might have to dig out my hoody this morning when I went out. The high for today was only 97 F.  but my reading was 102F tomorrow calling for 94 and partly cloudy.WOW maybe I should get out my hoody. Of course by Thur.  climbing back up. It had called for rain but that seems to not be happening. 

We are in full fire season it is just to dry. 2 new fires were lightening caused. All are not contained or not enough to count. Just pray all fire  fighters and first respondes to stay safe and also all those who have been evacuated. And the ones who refuse to leave so they can save their homes! All they do is cause more problems for those fighters and first responders and cause deaths.

Good Night All


  1. I worry about if Leonard ever decides to get on the computer. I swear he is so naïve. He would fall for anything.

    LOL.... maybe you need to put flannel sheets and electric blanket on your bed too.

  2. Hi Phyllis,

    Yes it is scarey when someone doesn't realize these things are always popping up and they start answering questions.

    LOL yes maybe I should can't be catching a chill!

  3. Hi Jo, well enjoy that artic blast, We got a reprieve from the humidity for 2 days so that's good. These scammers will go to any lengths...I have my AMEX set up so every time it's used I get an email so this way I can be aware if something is wrong.
    Better get Fred's coat out too "o)

  4. Sure hope you and Fred can stay warm. 😁 I got something about my account but it gets deleted faster than my fingers can move.

  5. Hi Sondra,
    It was only 95 today and we had quite a bit of rain and thunder. But we did manage not to use our winter gear :) It was wonderful and I even went out and did some raking of leaves for the trees I don't have.

    Hi Sandie,

    I think he was thrilled that he was able to stay out while I raked the yard. Yes I delete those things fast also.

  6. I'd better check Amazon. I frequently place orders through them and I guess they have my account info as the orders are taken care of quickly. But it's the same as any other companies with online shopping. Everything you do these days has unscrupulous companies & people just waiting to take advantage.

  7. I just love the phone calls telling you there is a suspicious order for $1499 with Amazon that is connected to your credit card, and they are holding the order until you verify - please call this number. I get those a lot on my land line.

    I just got back from a 2-week truck camping trip to Kansas to see old friends and places I hadn't been to while living there. Jo, I did not want to come home as I was having so much fun just being out and away, seeing the stars at night and learning a new camping experience, seeing old friends again. I think I cried half the way home as it felt so good that I could do it at 79. This old dog learned some new things. Yea. Planning next trip in Fall.

    Waiting here for the rain, mountains are getting them but am tired of watching them get rain and not here in the valley. Stay cool too.

  8. Those scammers are pretty scary if they could only put their energy to legitimate things bet they could make good money.

  9. I'm getting caught up on my reading after several weeks without internet! I got the same scam email (Amazon). I'm also getting text message scams. I got one about a stimulus check and several about my unemployment benefits (I'm not on unemployment but I guess scammers assume many people still are on unemployment and are trying to take advantage of them). These scams are getting annoying (not to mention out of hand).