Tuesday, July 13, 2021

More Chores Done!

 Had 2 more great storms come through with lots of rain. But we have a long way to go to end the drought sure hope we can get close to fixing the problem.  Doesn't look like anymore storms until Sunday.

Yesterday went and had my new tires put on and thought it was still cool enough to check the lines at emissions since it was only a few blocks away. Great only a few cars and I was in and out and yes MsBlue past with flying colors. Came home and did tag renewal on line for 2yrs.

Of course by then I was ready for a good cup of  coffee . The coffee  was made why I didn't take a travel mug with me I have no idea. 

So today just did some laundry and enjoyed a nice slow no rush morning. Tomorrow grocery delivery day and once that is done I will run to Safeway for some fresh veggies.  Having guests over tomorrow daughter Debbie  and granddaughter Aliya.

Good Night All


  1. Hi Jo, You are really getting things done lately makes me feel like im dragging my feet and going in circles...Thanks for the info on the step I am looking into it for sure.. I barely have one load of wash each week as I wear the same thing over and over since I rarely go anywhere the grocery store once a week...hope you enjoy your family visit.

  2. I try not to change to often but with this heat! Today it isn't very hot but very humid and rains on an off. We may have to cancel out today since lots of flash flood warnings keep coming out and it floods so bad around this town. I'm high up but we don't want them getting caught anywhere unsafe