Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Cold Wave

 WOW this cold wave sure is lasting a long time. Can't seem to get out of the 30's for over night highs and seems like another week with maybe some high 20's.  day time highs are in mid to high 60's which isn't bad but by time it gets up there half the day is gone.

So I haven't done any work on the camper at all. Keep thinking I will get out there but I don't.

Today did some grocery shopping. I didn't need much but it was still over $100. It was mostly veggies and to small pkgs of ground meat. I needed a few personal items and some cleaning things. But the shelves were well stocked with most items so I did get everything on my list and a few that were not on the list, what else is new. 

Came home and did more laundry. It never seems to end.

Tomorrow I need to go do some labs and then come home and do some cooking and refill the freezer. I like having ready made meals.

Other than that nothing much else is going on. I did finish a shawl. I love it and wear it around the house in the mornings and evenings when I'm on the computer. 

That's all I have.

Good Night All!


  1. I agree this cold wave has lasted much too long and this weekend another cold front is on the way. While I do not like, three-digit temperatures, neither am I a fan of cold weather.

    Glad to hear that your grocery store is well stocked. The shawl you made is so pretty, I like the colors.

    Bundle up and stay warm!

  2. Love your shawl 💕 The weather sure is bonkers. I'm still in south Florida and there's a special weather statement that it can possibly freeze this weekend and to be careful of "falling Iguanas" 🥶 When its below 40 degrees the lizards get super slow and can fall from trees 🦎

  3. I too am very very tired of this cold weather. 38 this morning. Not happy. It takes until the afternoon to warm up enuf to even feel like going out. But I keep telling myself we could be living where it's a whole lot worse. And by May we'll be wishing for some of this.

  4. Hi MsBelinda,
    This seems like the longest cold spell we have had in many years. I actually had to put socks on last night to get my feet warm. Glad you like my shawl.

    Hi Connie,
    Never knew that about the lizards, not even an umbrella would help with that falling out trees! But here at least these cold conditions keep the snakes home. People think they hibernate in winter NO they don't only when it is this cold. Maybe you can get a hard hat.
    I love my shawl too wrapped in it now it is 28F here this morning.

    Hi Sandie,
    Yes enough now with this cold you know I hate summer but this is crazy. We hit 28 and that's to cold and seem like we will get a few more of those lows in the next week. As I was getting ready to make my coffee the power went out luckily it only lasted long enough have to reset all the clocks.

  5. I agree, we had ice, 2 weeks ago, snow this past week, and expect more snow tomorrow night...seems to be hanging on....I hope the Groundhog gives us good news. I admire the way you cook ahead that is a good idea. Prices are getting close to out of reach! Have a good weekend.

    1. and the shawl is wonderful what a great idea and I know it makes you feel toasty warm in the mornings, when I get up I have an old Columbia hiking vest to keep my back warm but I like the idea of the shawl much more.

  6. Hi Sondra,
    WOW your weather is out of control. Just saw a wind advisory starting at 3am tomorrow until 8 pm with gust from 35 to 45mph glad I didn't wash the truck it would be full of dirt and sand again. I love being able to wrap the shawl around me. Of course I wouldn't be so cold if I would turn up the heat but trying to keep the bill low as this weather has lasted way to long.
    Yes the prices are out of hand on everything and I need some clothes so bad. If we had a nice second hand store I would go look but all we have left is that filthy good will store, gives me the creeps just going in there.
    Stay warm

  7. I love the shawl! The colors are beautiful! I am glad you are staying safe staying safe the truck can wait till it's warmer. I feel much the same about the van. It's more fun to work on when the weather is favorable.