Tuesday, January 11, 2022


 I had been emptying out the camper slowly and only had a few items left. As I was dragging the ladder out of the shed my daughter showed up and just hopping in and handed me the items. She then moved the bed back to behind the drivers side. I had brought the mattress' into the house the other day (thought I was gonna die). I had washed both covers and we brought them back outside and put the smaller one into the larger cover, don't know why I never did that before we even put the new sheets on. But I'm going to take off the top sheet as it is way to long on the side and I don't like things tucked in to far. I'll shorten and put it back. I still need to vacuum the side where the bed was the other side was already done. Debbie, also put the drawers back under the bed. So I will take my time getting it back together not like the last time that I was in pain everywhere and had a disaster camping trip.

The weather is still to cold for camping anyway so in about 2 weeks it should be OK!

Corona is reeling it's ugly head again and the poor Nurses, Dr.s and other first responders suffering from lack of help and over crowding. And they said the worst cases of course are un vaccinated. Are we surprised!?

I have plenty of groceries and lots of projects to keep me busy so I won't have to go out very often. I ordered a box of disposable face masks as they tested the 3 types and found the disposable are the safest. if you can blow out a match or candle your cloth mask isn't giving you any protection. I ordered some pretty colored ones might as well look good LOL

Stay safe out there and if your not vaccinated get on it and stop keeping this damn Corona alive. One of my granddaughters lost her friend this weekend to the virus she was 34 with 3 little children.

Good Night All!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your granddaughter's friend. I'm going crazy with boredom after a year in nearly total isolation, but I guess it's kept me relatively safe.

  2. Hi Gypsy,

    It's so sad to see anyone so young dying. I don't know if she was vaccinated or not. Why won't people listen! I couldn't stand the isolation any longer and by nature I'm a loner, but you still need to get out or have projects to keep your mind busy. Soon you will have a new home and lots of space to garden it will help a lot.

  3. Glad you're making progress! As a country, though, it feels like we're going a bit backwards 🙄

  4. How tragic. Such a young age.

    I had to chuckle when I read your comment about the different color masks.

  5. Oh No So very sorry to hear of that young lady passing...that is a tragedy. Im happy you are getting your camper ready for your next trip...it's good to have some plans for the future. Its cold here and we expect some snow or ice on the weekend! OR it could just be freezing rain we will see. I def need a new mask, most of the time Im not close to people, but I notice more and more masks are not being worn.

  6. Hi Connie,

    I agree we are going backwards!

    Hi Phyllis,

    I guess she was a friend of all my grandkids as they are all about the same age, they are not taking this well.

    I figured if I have to wear a mask I might as well like being different

    Hi Sondra,

    I shortened the long side of the top sheet today oh man I hope I never have to work with jersey material again!! What horrible stuff!! It was cold here again and yet they keep saying it was in the low 70's must be inner city because out here it is much colder. I am checking out a few new camping spots here BLM land further west of here. Your weather sounds cold.
    The disposable masks are so hard to find so since I had to order a new kitchen faucet I just ordered a box of 50. And with this virus running ramped again what are these fools thinking not wearing a mask!?

  7. What a tragedy to die so young and to leave three little kids without a mother. Cases have spiked here too.

    I watch a lot of car camping videos on YouTube, and every day I see more and more popping up of people camping in Arizona. Bob Wells and his friends are hosting their annual RTR in the coming days. If we did not have this darn Pandemic, I would try to go.

    I agree with you if we have to wear masks might as well look good in them. I am glad your daughter was able to help you unload stuff from your truck rather than having to do it all yourself.

  8. Hi MsBelinda,
    Yes it is tragic those poor kids the oldest can't be more than 10.

    This year it is very crowded down here since they opened the Canada opened the boarder. But on the news it said they are giving a lot of thought to closing it back down do to the rise in cases there also. I'm surprised they are still holding the RTR. Oh well glad I'm not going. I wanted to. Also have you seen the rise in people living out of their cars, suv's and mini vans. I would love to have a mini van I think they have more room than I have in my truck the only thing with my truck is more head room not much but I can almost stand up.

    1. I had not heard that they were considering closing the Canadian border with the US, but there are so many darn cases everywhere. Why can't people just get a darn shot!

      Yes, I have seen the rise in people living out of their cars, SUVs, and mini-vans. I was camping out of my car before there was a term for it, but only for a night or a weekend at the beach since back then, I had no idea how to set up a tent.

      Since I have not been able to make it to Terlingua in two years, I was hoping that the pandemic would have slowed down and I could finally make it to the RTR and meet so many of the people I follow on YouTube. I guess that will have to wait for another year :-(