Wednesday, May 11, 2022

All Planted

Hope you lovely ladies had a wonderful Mothers Day. My daughter Debbie showed up with a load of plants and then took me to breakfast.   We came back to the house and managed to sit out on the porch until the wind came up again. We did spend some time visiting in the house and then she was off to other visits.

Later my daughter Tracy came with a gorgeous  potted plant and bag of dirt. We spent some time catching up on things and her medical issues. Getting appt. with the right Dr. is such a hassle and takes forever. I just want someone to make her better.

 Took me 2 days to get everything planted. It wasn't like a dozen plants or anything just trying to figure out where to put them and then the wind put a stop to the day. These flowers were mothers day gifts from my daughters.


These flowers in the window box are not gifts but the planter was a gift from Tracy, and I had to find a bracket for it. Then discovered the one I had was fine.

Crooked neck squash

 Now to try and keep them alive! We are headed into triple digits this week. 😡 So will be cooking up some meals to be frozen so I won't have to use the oven very often. Of course I can always make things in the Air Fryer or toaster over.

Try to get things done early in the morning before 10am when it starts to warm up.

Good Night All


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Prayers for your daughter and medical issues. It is going to get warm here in the valley this weekend but this morning is wonderful.

  2. Hi Sandie,
    Yes I did. Thank you for your prayers for my daughter. Yes the mornings are still so nice, so glad I got the porch all cleaned up and my flowers planted. As of 6:15 am I put chicken thighs and a meat loaf in the oven, and then I will put in some stuffed peppers. I know how I am when it gets that hot so if all I have to do is throw the food in the microwave I'm happy.

  3. I love all your plants you have a knack for gardening and I am sure they will thrive under your green thumb.

    I sincerely hope your daughter finds the right doctors to make her feel well once more at least you are in an area with many medical facilities.

    Ditto here...triple digits this weekend, so don't feel like the lone ranger :-(

  4. Hi MsBelinda,
    I don't know about having a green thumb I have lost quite a few plants. But I'm hoping these will survive the heat. I may have to move the long planter as it gets the hottest sun right there.
    I sure hope she does find a good Dr. soon this has gone on far to long.
    I'm preparing for this heat with lots of cooking and freezing.

  5. Finding a good doctor isn't easy. I hope your daughter finds one quickly and easily! I love the plants but the triple-digit temps... yikes! Take care :)

  6. Very nice plants, I like the crockpot planter, that is really cool...I have planted Zucchini, but no yellow squash I never have good luck with it, but sure do love to eat it. I hope Tracy can get some answers and get on the road to feeling good. I would enjoy a pain free day for sure. Enjoy those plants!

  7. Hi Connie,
    It is so hard to find someone these days, This has been going on for months and I can't tell you how many Drs. Hope this new one figures this out. Not looking forward to those temps.

    Hi Sondra,
    I haven't planted anything is a long time and never the yellow squash, I love all squash but wanted zucchini but I guess they didn't have any. Hope I have success with it. I noticed one plant is the large barrel isn't looking very good already but I tried to get out most of the old soil but I guess that wasn't enough. I think it maybe acidic from those darn bushes next door.

  8. I kept hearing about the air fryer. Once I broke down and bought one I was so glad I did. It does eliminate a lot of oven use. Nice little flower garden you have.

  9. Hi Phyllis,
    I don't know if I would have bought one but I received the air fryer as a gift. I really like it and also cooks faster than the oven.
    Glad you like my little flowers, we hit 102 tomorrow so lets see how they survive.