Thursday, May 19, 2022

Checking In/ Is It Winter Yet?

 I'm already done with summer folks. We already had some triple digits. But a cold front came in and we are only in the mid to high 90's until next Wed. Then back up into triple digits.

I'm happy to say my plants are still thriving. I was so happy to see my squash had some blooms, so I went on line to see how to pollenate them, well looks like all the flowers are male, still have lots of buds so hopefully some of them will be female.

Gas prices are still high here so of course I won't let it go below 3/4 it still cost me $36. I remember filling the tank for less than that! So no plans for going anywhere.

With this heat I try to get out and do my shopping or what ever else I have to do no later than 8am. Of course the prices of food is still climbing also. The little I bought today almost made me fate at the cost. Oh well no point complaining we are all feeling this pinch but good.

I'm almost finished with the project I'm working on and already have another one or 2 in mind. And want to do another closet clean out as I need storage for linens. The bigger sheets no longer fit in the night stands and I have nowhere to keep them. I was thinking about making a linen closet out of the closet in the computer room so I will look into wire shelving units. 

Lots of things to do while staying indoors until end of Oct. haha 😡

Good Night All!


  1. Hi Jo, it got hot here this week the humidity is low but still 98 is still 98. A dry wind blew all day yesterday it really dries out the plants...I've been picking some sugar snap peas, and green beans, and cowhorn peppers already some spring onion and Asparagus...only small amounts since I have only one or two plants in pots but it's great in my salad. I couldn't do without my closet for the vacuum, the broom, my towels and I put 2 of those plastic drawer towers at the bottom for all my Junk Drawer stuff...and things like light bulbs, electrical cords, and a few tools I keep inside for quick repairs. Hope you have a nice weekend!

  2. Hi Sondra,
    Yes these temps are not my friend and anything over 90 is to hot! I wasted to much time getting my garden ready, but at least I'm ready for planting maybe a winter garden and will be ready for early spring planting. Your garden sounds wonderful and all those great veggies. I really want to plant asparagus I love them and the ones in stores right now are awful very thin and they go bad really fast.
    There are 2 corner so called linen closets in the bathroom that can barely hold a wash clothe since the shelves are so narrow. I also thought of the bins to put on the floor. But like you I need the space for the vacuum and floor mate. Give me something to think about.
    You have a good weekend also

  3. Glad to read you are still hanging in there but keeping busy with your plants.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the cooler temperatures.

    It's about time.

    1. Hi Rick and Kathy,
      Not much choice but to hang in there.

  4. The temps in the 90s don't bother me but those triple digit ones are not fun. I figure five months to go and I'm counting the days. With the price of fuel my car doesn't move very often. So in some ways I'm really glad I'm not going anywhere this summer. No gardening for me. Killed every plant I've ever owned.

    1. Hi Sandie,
      Yep those triple digits are not fun. Glad the mornings are still cool so I can keep the door open and the fan running. Once I feel the warmer air I shut the house up so as to keep the cooler from coming on to early. Trying to go cheap this summer. I only go out when it is absolutely necessary.

  5. I am done with our high temperatures as well and like you have to leave early in the morning or pay the consequences. Unfortunately, it is not easy when you have an elderly loved one and have to assist them with their morning routine.

    Our gasoline prices have surpassed the $4.29 mark which in comparison to other states is reasonable but I too am limiting my outings and when I do go out I make sure to have a list with me so I do not forget to hit up all the places I need to and thus avoid unnecessary trips back to town.

    Where do you get all your energy? Please send some my way...:-(

  6. Hi MsBelinda,
    Yes I understand. I can't leave before 8 am as I have the needs of Fred, of course if I go out by 6:30 am I can be back in time. lol like that's not going to happen.
    I always make a list and when I find or finish that item I put a check next to it. And still I forget things. Well it will have to wait for the next trip.

  7. I am ready for the monsoons. We have a huge forest fire directly west of here in the Gila and Black Range Mts. Listened to the live stream of the Forest Service personnel tonight, and they project this fire is going to continue until the monsoon rains start! That's around another 6 weeks! So the norm is smokey days now, since our prevailing wind is from the SW and West. So not much outside time for me with my lungs. I try and slip out early in the morn while the smoke is up high and get back in before it drops down to the ground to get my watering done, take out trash, etc.

  8. Hi Emily,
    New roof should go on this week then let it rain all it wants. Fire season is going to be bad if we don't lots of rain. We have quite a few going on here also. Sometimes you can go out and smell it, but not much smoke around here so don't know where the smell comes from. No going anywhere for me either until fall I guess.