Friday, May 27, 2022

Horrible Sadness Once Again , Heat and New Roof

 I want to start with a very heavy heart that more children have been gunned down by a lunatic with an assault weapon. What the hell is going on in this Country, Oh Yes its the money hungry politicians who love that money from the NRA!! and lets not try to deny this either. All these losers that claim to want to make a better America your LIARS!! Money hungry LIARS!! I pray for the families who lost their beautiful children and to the families of the teachers who died with them.

This week has been a roller coaster of problems and fixes.

The roof was scheduled for Monday. No one showed up I sent and e mail and the response said Wed. no one showed up. So I called and no one was calling me back. So I called again and I was already not happy. First they put in some new system that no one knew how to work. And so communications just weren't happening very well. But I wasn't giving up that easy I want more answers, The biggest problem and I will believe was a problem getting material. Well they were delivered yesterday. 

Then T-Mobile sends me a text stating that if I don't put the new sim card in my phone I will lose service. GRRr So I proceed to try and do this and the card fell into the phone. After driving around in circles looking for a store it was getting pretty darn hot. I went back to the first store which was a Metro - T-Mobile were I was told they couldn't help me. After running around I was now hot had angry. I was just going to cancel T-Mobile and get Metro. There was another guy there and he took the phone and had it working in less than 5 min. OK so I went and picked up my neighbors mail and brought it to her. She was busy on the phone so I left and....... I locked my self out of my car and of course that meant my house. It was already 101 degrees.  Just then the guys showed up to drop off the materials for the roof. I walked back to my house and I asked them if they could help or to please call a lock smith for me. The one guy got off the truck and we walked back to my truck, thank heavens I had cracked open the window. He went back to his truck and I had brought some garden stakes to see if I could use them. That sweet man brought me a cold bottle of water and a handle he broke off a bucket which was kind of perfect with it's hooked end  and presto he grabbed the handle and the door opened. If I hadn't been sweating so bad I would have hugged him. I got the truck home and me into the house. I'm so glad I don't have one of those new fangled door locks and the door opens with a pull up on the handle. But let me tell you that was a day from pure hell. After they finished unloaded the materials he even came to the door to make sure I was OK! yes I looked that bad. My face was beet red. I was finally able to function enough to take a nice long cool shower.

And today the roof was installed I don't know how these guys can work in this heat on a roof, it was 103 today. And  so this week comes to a close. 

Very early tomorrow I will run to the store to pick up a few groceries for my neighbor and a few for me and get back home.

Have wonderful Memorial Weekend and please stay safe!

Good Night All


  1. Too many of these shootings going on. They put no value to life.
    It might be wise to get a Spare Key for the Truck and your Home on a lanyard around your neck. It could save you a repeat incident.
    Glad your roof is fixed.
    Stay Safe and Enjoy your AC.

    It's about time.

    1. Hi Rick and Kathy,
      It wouldn't help if I used it to run the truck, it was a very bad day and super hot already for me and I wasn't thinking to clearly by then and wear something around the neck in this heat just isn't going to happen.
      Thank You and I am so glad this week is finally over and the roof is done.

  2. I find myself wondering the same thing "What the hell is going on in this Country?". Sounds like you were having a rough time! I'm glad the sweet man helped you. That proves there's still good in the world. We just have to figure out how to magnify the good so it over powers the craziness that's been happening.

    1. Hi Connie,
      It's so horrible for this senselessness going on. It sure was a rough day and I'm so happy its over. Yes it does show that there are some really good people in this world.

  3. Sorry , but I had to chuckle when you said you would have hugged him. I can picture your frustration and a hug would have been appropriate.

    1. I try to throw a little humor in a post filled with unhappy and frustrating times.

  4. OH my what a day from hell...but in the end you accomplished your deeds and all was well....I agree the lying politicians are NOT helping us but making this gun problem with their constant deflection as to what the real issue is>>>too easy to get guns, and NO tough penalty for using one! I would go so far as to make any crime where a gun is used and someone dies, death matter what kind of gun, whether intentional or not hate or not Lets JUST nip the whole thing in the bud. NO auto guns period!! Enjoy the holiday.

    1. I see no justice in letting someone buy automatic weapon being sold on the internet to lunatics. And yes if not the death penalty life without parole! Of course these lunatics usually die in the their horrible act.
      You enjoy your holiday also.

  5. I am with you JO my heart has been heavy all this week. I have barely been able to sleep. Politicians mostly the Republicans are the #1 beneficiaries of contributions from the NRA. The orange blob got millions of dollars for his campaign.

    I have been hearing that many businesses that do home remodelings and new home builders are having a hard time obtaining the needed supplies to finish their builds including roofing materials.

    It sounds like you did not have a good week but you found a nice person to help you just like you are extending a hand to your neighbor.

    Have a good Memorial Day weekend as well.

  6. Well sorry but we have some pretty sorry Dems in this state! They are right there for no gun control and are running for the pay outs to vote against it.
    Yes trying to get supplies has been tough. See it on lots of YT Channels of folks trying to build homes.
    You have a great Memorial Day.

  7. I hate days where just everything goes wrong. My tolerance level is pretty much non existent. All I could do when I heard about all those babies was sob. For their families, for our country, even for the evil 18 year old who was filled with so much anger and hatred. Nobody needs assault rifles.

  8. Hi Sandie,
    I know the older I get the less tolerance. I have great grandkids and it scares me to death to think some horrible person with an assault rifle can enter their school and start shooting. That idiot Kirsten vote against police at the schools while she ran to the NRA meeting with her buddies Canun Cruz of TX and a few other moron to sign up and get a pay off from them.

  9. Hi Jo! I am sorry to hear about that day from hell! It must have been very hot to begin with and to have everything go wrong... I can empathize. What a wonderful young man that helped you. There are some incredibly nice people in the world.
    Yes, it's tragic about the killings that are going on. Once it happens it seems like others seeking attention go and do the same thing and it happens in waves. It's very sad.. We had a shooting in Cedar Rapids where some people were injured and killed. But we knew it was not from this area. Most of us are armed and peaceful. The folks doing the shooting were from Chicago - a major problem around here. But it's sad in any case.

    Take care! -- VT