Monday, June 27, 2022

It Rained!!

 After thinking the rain was just another empty forecast, it hit in the wee hours. It rained hard it woke me up for a few minutes as it was hitting the metal roof of the carport. Of course I fell right back to sleep so have no idea how long it lasted but there was plenty of puddles this morning. This is a better way for the monsoons to start, as it will start to soften the earth so that if it really does come it will soak in better. Of course that doesn't mean the washes won't run wild and fools who think they can drive across and cause huge messes and rescue and in some cases death.

Anyway I said I would post a picture of the hook up side of the  power source. Of course I guess I need to explain I didn't mean the charging of the unit went fast then seemed to take a long time. I know you shouldn't every receive a completely empty battery they all have a certain amount of a charge. If it is completely empty chances are the battery isn't going to be a very good one. What I mean was the excitement of having it fully charged made it seem like it took forever, it didn't. Today I charged my cell phone and it really charged great and didn't use any power or take more time than with it being charged with shore power, yes someone will have something to say about that term. But I'm sure most will know that means house outlet.

Like I said it has everything I need. I will order solar panels after I buy the 2 new tires for the rear of the truck. No rush since I'm sure it will not be cool enough to go camping until mid to end of Oct.

Good Night All

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