Friday, July 29, 2022

The Monsoon Has Arrived

 We have been getting some nice rains finally. Not to many gully washers here but other parts of town have and just outside of PHX. they have gotten hit hard. The temps are low but of course the humidity is horrible. But the a/c doesn't come on until almost noon as I run fans to keep the air circulating and I keep it at 81 and it does the job until bed time then I turn it down for better sleeping.

Today  I made myself leave the house to mail something important and then stopped at Family Dollar looking for one of those hoses that shrivels up when you turn the water off making them really nice and light weight, but they didn't have any but did find the soap refill I needed, and had table runners so I picked up 3 but may need 1 more to make curtains for the camper,  and 2 gallons of drinking water that used to be .99 and now are a $1.25.

 Since I was right next to Safeway I ran in there to buy my veggies instead of going to Walmart. It looked like they didn't have any zucchini but something made me look behind the bin where they should have been and found 3 stuck back there! I knew I would have to use them quick so tonight I  baked 2 in the toaster oven and saved one for making veggie omelets. Onions are pretty high along with everything else. Eggs of course are still really high so passed on them again. Did pick up a small pack of chicken thighs, there wasn't much in the ground meat only 2 really large packages and boy the price was not friendly and so I did not buy that, did pick up some bacon on sale.

Yesterday I ordered the 2 tires I need for the rear of the truck, yes they were more expensive of course but no point in waiting any longer because we all know they will not come down but possibly go up. They will be delivered to the store and then I can make an apt. to have them installed. Happy to have this done. One more step to getting ready for camping. Next will be solar panels.

I forgot to check the price of gas.

Good Night All

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