Sunday, September 18, 2022

No More Triple Digits?

 We seem to be doing the 90's right now and nights are high 60's to mid 70's loving it. I have been using the cooler now instead of the A/C for about 3 days and it is cooling down the house perfectly since the humidity has also dropped. But monsoon season isn't quite over yet.

Yesterday it was weed spraying day so I got out there and got it all done or so I thought. Usually with in a few hours you can see the weeds dying. But when I went out they still looked green and healthy. Even today they looked healthy. When I went out to do something I notice the empty plastic container, Bug Spray doesn't not kill weeds. So off to the store tomorrow for more weed killer.

Fred goes to the groomer tomorrow his nails are so long and he smells bad.

Then off to Safeway to pick up more meds that they didn't have enough to fill my order last week. Trying something different for the COPD and so far so good. It also gave me a chance to check out my little power station, I have done 6 treatments and there is still lots of battery power left. I pay less for 3mths of meds compared to 1 mth. of Trelegy at $165. and when I called them to see about a coupon or some sort of help they said, We DON'T HELP ANYONE OVER 65!!! EXCUSE ME BUT ISN'T THAT DISCRIMINATION!!!???

I have been working on a new afghan for a while but had to put it aside when is was to hot to deal with. This is continued color on a skein. It may be a Christmas gift for one of the little ones.

Not much else going on just working on the getting the house done for fall clean up. There is a corner of a fall pillow sticking out from behind the afghan LOL

Good Night All!


  1. HI JO good the weather is behaving a liitte bit better...Well at least Joe Biden ls putting a cap on out of pocket drug will help many people...
    I have no drug coverage so come Oct I will need to get a supplement Policy,,.I suppose. IM trying to relearn how to crochet...wish me luck! Your Blanket is gorgeous. Have a great week.

    1. I believe the cap on out of pocket when I see it. Yes you need some coverage as we age and illness hits it is very important. Oh I hope you can get back into crocheting it will be a good way to pass the time and keep you warm through the winter once it gets big enough to cover your legs at least. Thank you for the comment. I find the that stitch (waffle) keeps me on tract and not get to narrow or to wide. Have a good week!

  2. We don't help anyone over 65??@!!?? I am so shocked that they had the nerve to say that. Something is really wrong.

    I an really enjoyingvthese "cooler" highs in the 90s. I love not hearing the air run all night..

    1. Hi Sandie,
      Its a disgrace the way they can get away with treating Americans this way.
      The cooler weather has been great. But late this afternoon I had to turn on the A/C as the humidity came up again.

  3. Had to chuckle with your weed killing story. Glad I'm not the only one who would make such a mistake.

    1. Hi Phyllis,
      They used to make the containers different colors now they are both white? Well at least the bugs wont eat my weeds!

  4. We seem to have the same temperatures, but I have to run the A/C, and even with it being down for a week, the bill was still over $200.00

    The weeds in some parts of the property have grown to over four feet in length with all the rain. Good luck killing killing your weeds.

    What a pretty afghan, I am sure the grands will love it. You are a very talented lady.

  5. Hi MsBelinda,
    That is a high bill even without the A/C YIKES!
    I so happy I don't have a big yard to keep up like yours. But I really needed the bug spray as spiders this year are horrible so now I have to buy both again. Think I will have to paint a big red X on the bug spray!