Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Not to much news

Our weather has not been very nice lately so no pool. It should start to warm up again toward the end of this week. So I took a walk to my sisters house which is about a half block away and back it helped release some tightness. Been doing the exercises I need to do at home. Therapist comes early today so I guess I need to get moving. Tomorrow she will come for the last time and I am ready to not have to deal with it anymore. She is a good therapist but after awhile you just get tired of the hassle. I think I am just getting cranky and want to get in my Motor Home and take off for somewhere. Its the gypsy in me. :) It is only a few more weeks before I will be taking off for the mountains anyway but....


  1. We call that feeling "getting some rabbit in your blood"! Just means you are ready to start moving on!

    Glad you are moving around on your own to keep things from getting too tight!

  2. Ah - would love to feel that Tucson weather right now. Mid 30's and windy and damp! We actually saw rain yesterday. Being in the desert from Jan to early March, we almost forgot what it looked like.

    Sure can relate to your wanting to just take off somewhere. Been there!

  3. Phyllis, I think you left us to soon.