Thursday, December 8, 2011

Another day

Not much going on today just he usual. Still trying to finish the blanket I am making. I am now getting bored with it, I guess because it is taking so long. Someone asked if I can make 3 beanies for there sister. What year would you like those?. Actually I can make three in one day, I just hate to stop working on that blanket because it will not get done.

I did manage to get my hair cut today. I was going to let it grow but what a mess it was and my hair had a tendencies to do what ever it wants no matter what I use. And I remembered in one of my mad clean outs I gave away the blow drier anyway. Now its wash and spike and be done. >:)

This going to be a very busy weekend.
Tomorrow the Arts and Crafts 4th Avenue Street Fair. We will head out for that at 9:30am, Saturday is the Chix with Stix Christmas Benefit Dinner and Sunday is a Party, Monday its Mommy Daughter #2 day and the Girls Party at my house since Kathy is heading home for the Holiday's and Family.

And I still have to finish shopping for the little ones in my life. So I guess I will have to get that done Tuesday very early morning. UGK I hate shopping.

Internet so far so good. Don't know why I have trouble. It could be the MH in the driveway causing interference but then why would it be OK sometimes like now? Maybe I should hurry up and post this before it decides to crap out on me.

Talk at you tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like the problem might be Verizon's. Oh, a gentle reminder, don't forget your camera with all the weekend activities.

  2. Hi John,
    I need to take the gizmo back to Verizon. I will do it on Monday if I haven't beatin it with a hammer by then.
    I need to put the camera in my purse now before I forget. Thanks for the gentle reminder. :)
    Glad you stopped by Thanks.