Thursday, December 8, 2011

Internet trouble/Coyote on the Prowl

I could not get on or if I did it only lasted about 5 minutes. Whether it was a problem with Verizon or something to do with my house I don't know. But it sure is a pain in the neck.

But I did have a busy day. We finished wrapping the gift for the Chix with Stix give away and door prizes for the Christmas party to raise more money for the Fire Dept. to buy what ever else is needed for family's in need. This weekend will be really busy and lets see if I remember to take pictures.

As I was driving thru the park yesterday there was coyote just ambling along. He sure looked bad. We let everyone know to keep a watch on their pets this guy was in need of food. And I did have my camera but by time I could find it he was out of sight down onto the next block.

Hope you all had a great day. And have a great day today.


  1. A coyote wandering through the neighborhood would sort of indicate desperation on his part to me. I hope he moves on. Hope your Verizon straightens out.

  2. Good Morning John,
    Yes this Verizon is being a real pain even this morning it is intermitten(sp)?
    That coyote looked really thin. We have had them before since we are backed to the desert. But you usually don't see them in the day like that.

    Thanks for coming back to see if I showed up. :)

  3. My son has seen some right here in town, when he's riding his bike late. Makes me sad about all the animals losing their habitats. Then, all those burned out in those horrible fires. Where did they go? So sad.

  4. Hi Trouble,
    Yes all they do is build and where do they expect these animals to go? There are so many empty homes and yet they keep building. I understand that at least it puts people back to work but if nobody can buy these homes what is the sense?
    Guess its just the way it is.
    Thanks for stopping buy.

  5. Our internet stick usually works great but certain times of the day, it slows right down or quits, but does come back. When we checked in this park our site was a dead zone, moved 6 sites away and it works great, go figure!