Friday, December 9, 2011

Street Fair

It was chilly when we got there at 10 am but warmed up just enough not to be uncomfortable. There were lots of people but nothing like it will be tomorrow or Sunday.
I can't believe we actually spent 5 hrs there. We did have lunch at a really good little bar and restaurant and I do mean little. But the food is great and the sandwiches are so big you have to split one with someone or you can buy 1/2.

This was my first time doing the Street Fair in about 4 yrs because of the trouble I had been having with my knees. It was wonderful to be able to walk it all.

 There were stands with crazy hats
 Lots of metal works
 Beautiful Art made of Pottery
 And lots more pottery, I bought a plate from this guy his stuff was really nice

Southwestern Paintings
 Navajo Rugs
I turned around and here were these guys. Left Jerry, who is married to Kathy, Tom,  and Dick, who is married to Lois. There was another one Randy but I don't know where he was and is Barb's other half.
We accused them of following us. LOL They are the last one we expected to see at the Street Fair. But we all went our separate ways. We had a great day and of course I bought other pieces of pottery to add to my exploding collection. But the pieces I am buying are serving dishes so they are going to be used. Sounds good to me.

Well lets see if I remember to take pictures tomorrow at the dinner.

Have a wonderful Saturday


  1. Good job on the pictures today. Gentle reminder, take the camera to dinner tomorrow.

  2. Is that the 4th Avenue St. Fair? I went every year when I had my home there. In fact, I bought a didgeridoo one year. I miss Tucson and area. (I'm a little envious!)

  3. Hi John,
    Thanks you, and I will put the camera in my bag right now. I should have taken more pictures but to be honest I forgot I had the camera :(
    Thanks for coming by.

    Hi Michael,
    Yes it is the 4th Avenue Street Fair. I remember the first on I went to back in 76 it was nothing and mostly hippies selling dead plants and pottery but It was so small. Now it starts at the train trestle and goes all the way to University Blvd. You have to send in your wares and it is judged so its top notch stuff. 4th Avenue itself is has been going through total renovations and huge building are going up around the area.
    Thank for coming by its good to see you.

  4. Looks like you had a good time! That's always a good thing!

    Don't hold back on the pictures, sweetie!

  5. WTH is a didgeridoo???? lmao
    Sounds like a great day!

  6. Hi Jim,
    I did I had a great time. It was so good to get out and walk like that.
    I'll try to remember to take pictures tonight as there will be a few Fire Fighters at the dinner. We have almost 100 people coming.
    Thanks for coming my Special One.

    Hey Trouble,
    Its a Australian Aboriginal musical instrument with a long thick wooden pipe. Im so smart NOT I looked it up I new it had something to do with music.
    Thanks for stopping by today.

  7. I love pottery. Can't wait to see what you bought!

  8. Great blog.
    Cheers from Argentina!

  9. Hi Sunny,
    I might need to put an addition on my house to and have a build in hutch for all this pottery. LOL But it will be a competed set some day with all mismatched pieces just the way I love it. I don't think pottery should match. Just my way of thinking anyway.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Hello HD and welcome to my insanity. And all the way from Argentina. I sure do appreciate your coming by for a read.