Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Blogger is still not working for me

Will this ever get resolved? I will wait a few more days and then I guess I will end this blog. There is another one out there I will try.

In the mean time John I hope your new chair works great for you it sure is a good looking one. And you sure have been busy. I agree its time for you to get back to retirement status. :)

I will be pulling out for a few days tomorrow and then may put the rig up for sale not getting enough use out of it and would like to move on to a  van as I have mentioned before.
Have a great day everyone.


  1. JoJo, check all your settings. I haven't had any problem with blogger. If you do have to move, many times you have the option of importing a past blog.

    What kind of van are you thinking of?

  2. JOJO,

    Don't give up on it, it's buggy but still a decent program. Have you tried using Live Writer instead? So much smoother and easier to work with.

    Also, I stopped using Internet Explorer for browsing blogs, I now use Opera. For some reason I never have issues with Opera but IE never stays signed into my Blogger Google account.

    Good luck!


  3. I had Hell with blogger in the very beginning because I had it set up wrong. I redid settings and format and the problem was solved. Have you posted on blogger help? I will help you if I can. I would not like seeing you quit.

  4. Wish I was close enough to help you out, sweetie! I haven't had any trouble , or at least much trouble with mine!

    It does act up a little, but nothing I can't deal with!

    Good luck on getting out for a bit!

  5. Jo, I'll give a report on the chair when it arrives. In the meantime I have to report blogger has become flaky for me too. Notice today's post, the fonts were acting cray and I couldn't get them to cooperate. I finally gave up and posted what I had.

  6. OK I am in my comments. I will not get excited about it I was in the other day and it died again.

    Hi Hobopals,
    I have done everything and even went on chrome. Its a blogger problem. ShoelessJoe is having some issures too. And from the lookds of blogger complaints this is not just me. But I do thank you for visiting me.

    Hi Erik,
    I think I will give those things a try can't be any worse than this and IE.
    Nice to see you here its been awhile I notice not to many post from you either of course some of them are over my head. lol

    Hello Michael,
    I have had this blog for a few years now. And this is the biggest and most annoying problem so far. I appreciate your offer to help I will contact you if I need to. Thanks for the offer and thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Jim,
    I know would be my night is shining armoir if you could. I have no problem getting on your blog or comments.
    Thank you for being here today.

    Hey John,
    Can't wait to hear about your new chair, looks very much like something an Exec would sit on. :)

    Hello Phyllis,
    I don't know when you left the comment, maybe it was yesterday. But if you saw the job I did you would know I am not all that good. But hey it looks great from the part that is visiable. haha.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Using Live Writer and Google Chrome could possibly solve all of your problems.