Saturday, February 18, 2012

Another Lunch

Today I picked up #3 daughter and we went to lunch at Coyote Pause. She wanted to know if they knew me by my name yet. But they have great salads of which I had one and She had a chicken sandwich on cranberry bread. It looked good and she shared a tiny piece of her bread with me. It was delicious  .
Then we headed back to her house and I saw the little smiling guy with his 2 tiny teeth. Tracy handed over a plant someone gave her. It looks bad. I hope in its new found home in a sunny window it will live again. Not sure about that.

The day was perfect today and we walked around a couple times.

Not much else to tell about. So I will say Good night,  Good Night.


  1. Oh that sandwich sounds so yummy! Cute name for the restarauant too.

  2. Hi TexCyn,
    I looked great and Tracy said it was soooooo good. I have been eating out so much I have had to just eat salads. But you can sure get some great salads.
    Thanks for coming by.

  3. The best part is probably the company, right? Glad you had a nice visit!