Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

Yes today is my birthday. I did nothing much, I had planned on not getting dressed at all today. Just hang out in my sweats. I had lots of calls to wish me happy birthday.
Then my friend called for me to go over to his house. So at 5:15 pm I had to take a shower and get dressed. Fred and I walked down there to say hi to his friends from somewhere that I still can't remember.  But it is somewhere cold, maybe MI. They are looking at places for sale here to make the move . They looked last year but it never happened I wish them better luck this year.

It was cold here today until after 6 pm. It was the warmest it had been all day.

BTW I turned 42 today. OK so I'm lying at least I did say 29.


  1. Happy Happy Birthday, Jo !!

    Hope this year is the bestest ever !!

    Wishing you all the best ... TnT

  2. Happy Birthday! Relaxing is good to do!

  3. Happy 29th!!!! ;-) I love those days when I can just hang out in sweats. Maybe tomorrow you can do that.

  4. Happy Birthday, sweetie! I didn't remember...shame on me!

    You hang out in your sweats anytime you want! I don't mind a bit! I do hope your day is all filled with good stuff!

  5. Hi TnT,
    Thank you for the best wishes and thanks for coming by.

    Hello Teri,

    Thank you for the wishes. Some days it is good but not to often gets boring. :)

    Hey TexCyn,

    No hanging out in sweats today. Going to pick up #3 daughter and hang out with her today. We should be having better weather so its out of the house.

    Glad you stopped by for a read and and Happy Birthday wish.

    Hello Jim,
    Its fine that you didn't remember its not one of out better things anymore. hahahh You know what they say the mind is the first thing to go. I'm going to celebrate for at least a week. hahaha

    Love Ya and thanks for the happy wishes.

  6. Belated Happy Birthday, JoJo. Wishes for the best of everything that makes you happy.

  7. Belated Happy Birthday from us as well. Hope you had a GREAT day and enjoyed celebrating YOU!!

  8. Hi Hobopals,

    Thank for the birthday wishes. I always try to live my life to make me happy. It took a long time to learn that.
    glad to you see and Jack stop by.

    Hi Happytrails,
    I did have a great day and I am still celebrating ME! :)

    Thank you for the birthday wish and for stopping by.

  9. Happy belated Birthday, JoJo! Hoping it was very enjoyable for you. You take care and hope we will eventually meet up one of these days. My sister said since I had to postpone my AZ trip to my brother's, she may come with me when I do get to go!

  10. Happy happy birthday,,,
    And i thot sweats WERE getting dressed,,,hahahahaha.

  11. Hi Sunny,
    To bad you had to cancel but the reason is a good one. That would be great if your sister makes the trip with you. Alway good to meet new people. Take care and good luck with your move.
    Thank you for stopping by and wishing me a happy birthday.

    Hi Trouble,
    It could become a life altering thing hangin out in sweats all the time. LOL
    Thanks for stopping by and wishing me a happy birthday. I am still having fun.

    Hello Gypsy Boho,

    Nice of you to drop in and wish me a happy birthday.
    Thank you.

  12. 42 sounds like a nice age to be.