Sunday, February 19, 2012

Why pay for TV?

I have been thinking of dropping to very basic TV. Animal Planet is no longer worth watching, History Channel shows things that really don't have anything to do with History, NG shows very little that contains NG stuff. I have seen all the HG TV shows that I saw years ago. I am not even happy with PBS anymore. Of course that is not a pay show but it used to have lots of British Comedy on Sat. nights. Now they only show 2 and then they show movies. But they keep Lawrence Welk going. Maybe I am just not into watching TV much anymore. I wonder how many others feel this way?

The weather was on and off all day today. This morning it was really nice, then the wind picked up and it started getting chilly. By early evening the wind was really blowing. It seems to have stopped now.

I spent some time with #3 daughter and grand daughters and great grand son smiley. I made breakfast here at the house instead of eating out again. This way I could keep the calories down. I don't think the girls liked the low cal pancakes to much or at least one of them didn't for sure. :(P and she really doesn't need low cal anyway.  So she found stuff to make a sandwich.

After I took them home I started working on some squiggly scarfs to match some hats I made. Since it was so windy going for a long walk was not on the top of the list.

I hope most of you had a more exciting weekend.


  1. We were discussing TV around here the other day and agreed that there was much more quality TV with 4 or 5 channels 50 years ago.

  2. I cancelled the cable at my house in 2009 and purchased an antenna and got around 50 channels, but usually only watched the news and weather. I do not have a TV in my RV and do not miss it. I can get the news and weather on the internet or my iphone. If I want I can watch movies on my laptop.

  3. Hello John,
    Yes its so ridiculous, I can't stand paying for such junk. We did have much better TV back then. Even 20yrs ago we had better TV shows.
    Thanks for stopping by and I wish you a wonderful day.

    Hi Teri,
    While I have a small TV in my motor home I don't use it unless I watch DVDs. But as you said I can do that on my laptop.

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Have a great day.

  4. JoJo~ Diana put up a new antenna and got 71 channels. Free TV. With that and $10 worth of Net Flicks, what else could you want? Maybe a little for good measure.

  5. Yes, TV has gotten pretty lame over the years.

  6. Hi Michael,
    Sounds interesting. Where I live I would have to find a place to hide the antenna. 71 channels sound good I think I get more with direct TV if I want to watch kids shows and tons of advertisements of junk I don't want or need, works out that would kill me. lol
    I need to check out her blog again.
    Thanks for the heads up and for coming by.

    Hi Nomad,
    Welcome to my blog.

    Yes it has and I hate having to pay for it.

    Thank You for stopping by

  7. Hi JoJo, I don't have cable, just basic tv on my RV antenna & the DTV box. But really, I find myself tuned in on channels, but for me, tv is mostly background noise. I do like some things on PBS, they just don't show those "some things" often enough! ;-) I"n not into the crime scene shows & such. But I do like the old movies that I can get on some of the DTV channels too. I think I pick up around 56 stations, however, many are religious, other ethnic groups or infomerrcials.