Monday, February 20, 2012

Tubac Golf Resort/de Otero Ranch

Today my Sister took me out to lunch for my birthday. Yes still collecting birthday lunches. This place was awesome.

On January 10. 1789, the commandant of the Tubac Presidio signed a land grant in the name of Spanish king, Charles IV to Don Toribio de Otero.
For some reason I haven't found out how it was sold or why to the present owners, more looking up of the history is needed.

I love these gates. Also covers for a/c units and other things that needed to be hidden were built like this. 

ceiling are made out of cacti ribs

this was the view from the restaurant, which is part of the golf course. When this bull stood up he was huge

these kiva fire places are all around and there are tables and chairs to sit out and drink and eat

there are only 4 of these saddle bar stools left

I will add more pictures tomorrow. There are many.
The weather was beautiful and I would have loved to see more.  


  1. Who would have though a 1789 land grant to build a golf course. ;).

  2. Hi John,
    Well of course the land grant was done away with. But they must have had the money back then to purchase the land. I will look up more info later as what I have found so far doesn't give that information. But like most large ranches the family just didn't want to work them or they could no longer afford all the land.
    lol Why am I answering your question? haaha
    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Oh what a nice place to spend a part of your day!

  4. Hi TexCyn,
    Yes it was truly enjoyable. Its the kind of place you just want to sit and enjoy the view all day on the patio drinking something refreshing.
    Glad you stopped by today.