Monday, May 28, 2012

Clean, Clean

Today was another great day. But I spent most of it cleaning
up the evil yellow pollen. But its done. The porch is usable
again. Cleaned up the little fountain. So about 3 pm I got to sit
out there and enjoy some of the day. Sharon stopped by with
her granddaughter to say hi to Fred and then Margo came by too.
After they left I worked on a scarf and of course ran out of the
yarn. I hope I can find it at Wally world next Monday. I need a
few colors so I can finish up the baby blanket before the 9th. If
not maybe for the next show on the 16th.

I BBQ the fish for dinner and it was sooo good. Also made a
baked potato.

Jeannie stopped by on her way home from the Pot Luck at the
club house so we could talk about going fishing tomorrow. Its
about time don't you think? I have taken out the gear and will
bring along the camera to take a picture of the big one. Or maybe
just a small one.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.


  1. You probably should add a wide angle lens to be able to capture a picture of the 'big one'. Good luck and hope they're biting.

  2. Good morning John,
    Thanks I hope they are too. Of course today is a trail run. :)

  3. Sounds like one good day blending into another one to make memories of a wonderful summer spent there. Would love to be nearby! :)

  4. Hi tinycamper,
    I love it here. To bad is snows so much in the winter.
    Come on up I know you would love it.