Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hair Cut?

There is one big problem on this mountain. A place to get a hair
cut. There is someone who stays at Ponderosa who gives great
hair cuts but she isn't due to arrive until around June 15. I just
couldn't wait that long.

I drove over to Safeway to look for a place I went last year but
asked for the wrong person. Disaster. So I knew who to ask for
this time. They have moved to Tucson. I drove around looking
for a place called Kathy's. Nope couldn't find it. Pulled into
another place called Prime Cuts. Big sign on the window CASH ONLY
I don't carry cash. Pulled into another place and it looked very
expensive so I drove off. Drove all the way to Wally world and
one look at the hair dressers and I was gone. Anybody who
can't  comb their own hair sure isn't going to touch mine. I
figured there was one more place to try. And I know they
charge a lot. I found a sign on the road that said Salon and I
 pulled in. It was more than I wanted to pay but I was tired of driving around. They were very friendly and got right on cutting my hair. Now to be fair I rarely like the cut the first week. But I won't go back.

While I was at Wally world I picked up some tail light tape and
slapped it on figuring I would stop and get the car washed. The
bay was out of order so no car wash today. I will try again

Also while at Wally world I checked out the rod and reels. I
was going to buy the Batman one but decided against it.

Gave Fred a bath today and he sure was dirty again. But I can't keep taking him in for a bath and paying those prices. I would
be there on a weekly bases.

Not much else went on today.

Maybe more excitement will happen tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like a day with a lot of running around, but with little to show in the end. Should have checked with the folks at Safeway, they do prime cuts too.

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  3. Good morning John,
    I knew I could count on you to give me a bit of advise. I'll go there the next time. they couldn't make it look any worse. Oh well it will grow back after all it's only hair. :(

  4. Sure do understand about the haircut thing. I have been looking for the right someone here, too. Am going in today to give it another shot. Like you have said, it will always grow back...

  5. Hello 2 Tramps.
    That's why I keep it short no real style just short and easy. But sometimes they get to carried away. :) Keep lots of baseball caps on hand.

  6. Sorry about the haircut thing! There are times that getting a good haircut on the road can be a problem. The does grow back.

  7. Oh lol .... Since my haircut ... I wear hats! Will it ever grow ???

    Well it seems several of us have hair thises and that's ... I don't feel so alone now