Friday, July 6, 2012

Busy but fun day

I was going to go to wally world today but changed my

I rolled up the rug I was using at my desk as it was very
 cheap and thin. And from rolling the chair around it always
bunched up. So I brought it over to my friends place to put
out on the patio or ground or what ever. Then other friends
bought a trailer in the Park so they had no use for the screen
room lent to them. The next person in line to borrow it was
Liz who stays about 4 sites up the hill. A party of 4 was
needed for the move. I no nothing about how they go up or
come down so I was just grunt labor. I now know how they
work. Anyway they thought it could be moved without
taking it apart. Wrong! but we managed quite well and put
it all together again.

There is another Art & Craft show this weekend and when
I did a run to Safeway and realized it was open today. So
I called the ladies and said I was going over today not
tomorrow they agreed. So off we went not knowing if we
would get rained on. But it would just sprinkle and stop.
I found a rug to replace the other. It is much heavier and
not to bad a price. Its small enough that I can remove it if
and when I sell this place.

I just had to take this to see how it would look. The little lady in the red chair is Annette, her husband made a pork roast and stuffing with Italian veggies. Great cook Bill. Your wife said she will NOT let us hire you.

 Pretty cool, see we aren't that old we can still do stuff. Unfortunately one of the husbands got sick so Donna couldn't join in the party. She helped with the move.

Nice Sun Set from the horse meadow.
Have a fun and safe weekend


  1. Hey, JOJO, I couldn't get to your blog by choosing the post title. Just letting you know.

    Sounds like you're a busy lady--made me laugh visualizing you moving the screen room still set up. Bet there was a lot of giggling and cackling through that adventure.

    Sounds like you're surrounded by lots of friends, and you're always doing something interesting. Take care--don't let the heat get to you. I enjoy your blog, as always.

  2. Good morning Nancy,
    Yes we had lots of fun. People must have thought we were crazy.:)
    And yes I have made new friends. Some stay only a week or 2 some stay until the end of summer. And then we all go in different directions. Makes it kind of nice that way.

    Sorry you couldn't get on my blog for awhile. I have had some problems getting on other blogs too. Must be Mr. Blogger doing something again.

    Thanks for stopping by. Come back to see today's adventures. Something totally new for me.

  3. I think my next canopy might just have to be a screen room! Looks like a fun day indeed :-) We have another storm rolling through here in NW Pa, but it'll cool things off, so I can take that. It's not like in Texas, when it rains, it just makes things very muggy. Here, it makes it rather nice afterwards.

  4. JoJo how much kool-aid does it take to move a tent ???????????????

  5. Hi Cyn,
    This tent room is a 10x10 so its really nice and roomy. I think I will get an 8x10 when they go on sale at the end of summer. The only thing is you have to buy a 10x10 screen because they are a lot cheaper. Makes no sense but that's the way it is for some reason.
    Thanks for coming over for a visit.

    Hey Lolo,
    No Kool-aid until the job is done.
    Thanks for stopping by today Lolo