Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wolf, Boot and Going out of Busness

I kept hearing so much about the Wolves over at the
Nature Center so off we went. There was only one
wolf but the talk was interesting for what we heard.
Also the guy with the wolf talked about them also. I have
to say I was a little disappointed, I have seen wolves before
and they looked a little bit better. I thought people got a
little to close as it was being fed but he claims he wouldn't
hurt anyone.  So what do I know anyway.

come a little closer my dear, its hard for me to see you without my glasses

some frozen meats. But look at his eye people were way to close to him at this point not me I stood back

Nope I am pure chicken I would not get that close no matter what that guy said.

On to the next adventure

These boots were made for walkin and that's just what I'm goin to do. The boots are a great idea for hot pavement. By the way I do not know who's dog this is,

A while back I took a picture of this barn and it had an old I believe it was a truck in front of it. Maybe by next year even this barn will be gone.

And last, I just had to have this old egg beater. It is not a matched item but it fit so well. The lady is closing her Antique Shop this summer so everything was on sale.
Have a safe weekend and stay cool if possible.


  1. Where was the antique shop and that old barn located? The barn begs to be painted BEFORE it no longer exists. Interesting photos of the wolf... I noticed the eye right off. Still has that wild look. You have such interesting adventures!

  2. No way is a wolf ever going to not be a wolf. You're smart for keeping a respectable distance.

  3. I love that you collect old implements. I had a few but passed them down to daughters. Enjoy the picture of the little fellow in his boots.

  4. Good morning Sunny,
    The wolf was taken here in Lakeside, right down the road from where I am staying. Yes his body language said I am not happy about this.
    Following the road just goes right around and turns into Pinetop.

    Thanks for stopping by today.

    Hi John,
    Yes they are very strong and he was rattling on about how they don't wiegh all that much. I love these animals and I understand they are trying to educate people on the way they were killed and why. But I just hate seeing them on a leash.

    So glad you stopped by thank you.

    Hello Phyllis,
    I love old things. And this shop was full and most things had a story. The lady is such a wonderful person full of life and loves to meet people and talk to them. She has had many adventures.
    But I really need to stop collecting because my daughters do not have any interest in thing like this.

    Thank you so much for stopping by.

    1. Both of my daughters love old stuff. That's good because I loaded them both down when we hit the road.

  5. Wild critters should be left alone. I love the old building...I could live there, I think!

    Nice looking egg beater! Goes great with the collection!

  6. Hi Jim,
    I agree, I don't know how he came to have this wolf. It could have been raised as a release I missed that part.

    The barn is pretty cool but you can see that it is in bad shape. I need to back back and dig out the one with the old car.

    Glad you like my egg beater.

    Thanks for coming over for a read today my friend

  7. Looks like a good day out. I'd love to have seen the wolf in person, but nope, it's not a good idea for strangers to be so close during this the wolf ranch where the guy took in wolfs all the time?