Sunday, July 8, 2012

Draining of Woodland Lake again

This morning was cloudy for a while then cleared up nicely.
We took some walks and watered the garden, not being sure
if it was going to rain or not.

I figured it was time to make my quiche before all the
ingredients went bad. I still had a left over potato and figured
I would just make potato, onion and egg omelet. The of course
divided it into serving sizes and froze all but one for breakfast.
Brought Liz  a serving.  The freezer is quite full now.

Tomorrow is Wally world for sure. Don't need much but
what I need, I really need.

Yesterday while out playing around made a stop at Wood-
land Lake. I had just been out there the other day and I
noticed it was getting low again. Yesterday it was really low.
So I guess it is being drained again for irrigation. Also
noticed that they are clearing lots of weeds and things from
the other side of the lake.

This morning out of the corner of my eye I saw something
quite large on the pillow. It was a very large nasty spider.
It took a lot of spray and then I was able to get it in a
Kleenex and smash it. I haven't seen one that big in the
house before.
Then after all the dishes were washed and put away I sat
on the porch and read. Then realizing I had been sitting to
long so Fred and I went for a long walk.

I was looking at the garden and noticed zucchini are
starting to form at the end of the flowers YIPPEE! 
There are more flowers on the egg plant too.

It started to get really dark so I figure another walk was
needed before it started raining. Then the drizzle started
and we made it back to the house just as it really started
coming down. It rained for a long time and it also
thundered. It is down to 59 degrees right now. It will make
for a good nights sleep.

So good night all. 


  1. The attack of the killer spider. Not something you want to share your bed with. Glad you and Fred didn't get to wet, one of you might have melted.

  2. Good morning John,
    Really cause you know sugar melts. :0

  3. Sounds like you got some pretty good size spiders there!

    Plenty of rain here as well! Hope you don't get too soggy!

  4. Oh don't you love it when you make it back indoors in the nick of time! Whew! Fred might have melted ;-) spiders...yuck. I let my vacuum eat them.

  5. Hi Jim,
    We won't complain about the rain will we. After all the disasters of last summer.Your drought and our fires.

    I am not afraid of spiders but this one was nasty looking.

    Thanks for coming for a read today Jim.

    He Cyn,
    Yes it was good because the rain is cold stuff and Fred hates rain poor baby.
    I sure didn't want this spider in my vacuum. Ugly thing.

    Thanks for coming today.