Monday, July 9, 2012

I Found It, I Found It

Nope didn't go to Wally world today. But I knew I had
to do something.
I figured it was time to go find Scott's Reservoir . It is
very close to the RV Park and is in fact in Lakeside. Took
pictures and was trying to see how close I might be able to
get to the nest Jeannie and Liz found while yakking about
the lake. I saw a trail but don't know how far it goes or if it
goes near the nest. We believe it is a Bald Eagle.  There is a
5 day limit on camping and it is very primitive. I did not
see any water source for potable water. There was a camp
host and restrooms. Lots of people with lots of kids were

 As you can see it was over cast so pictures are not clear. Also visible are dead trees that may have been left when the
reservoir was filled.

Some one with colored chalk had fun

The water level at this lake is also quite low

After returning and parking the car I remembered I
wanted to see about a rain gauge. Off I went to Paco's
Nursery. I was not going to pay $28.  I can put a measuring
cup outside for $1. But I did pick up a plant for outside.

After being home for awhile I again was wanting to go off
somewhere. I remembered wanting to see what I should or
could do about my missing Mifi. Of course they said nothing
since I don't know the phone number for it. Of course all
that information is in Tucson. I then went over to my favorite
restaurant to pick up lunch. While waiting for my order
Jeannie called and said she found a 8x8 screen room for
$30. I went there when my order was ready just to find it
was made out of plastic. Nope don't want that.

When I came home I new I just had to give one more look
for that Mifi card.  Once again I moved all kinds of things
thinking it may have fallen behind the desk and under the
rug. No. I went through the plastic drawers again, I must
have done that 5 times already.BUT!! There it was. I am
very happy about it. It would have cost some big bucks to
replace that stupid thing. It is now tucked safe and sound
in the laptop bag.

So the reason for the I found it twice is Scott's and Mifi.

Have a good night


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  2. Isn't it frustrating when you look and look for something and then find it right where you've looked before. It seems to be happening more as I age, but I'm sure it's not an age thing.

  3. Unlike your situation, I usually find what I am looking for AFTER I buy the replacement.

    Clever water gauge.

  4. Good Morning John,
    Yes very frustrating. But at least I now it isn't old age. I'm just a kid still.
    Right? Well OK so I'm just a little old.

    Have a great day and thanks for coming.

    Hello Phyllis,
    Sometimes I replace things too and then find what I was thinking I lost. I was so sure I dropped in the waste basket and it was history. So glad that wasn't the case.

    Thanks for stopping by this morning.

  5. One more of life's little mysteries solved! Happy it was a happy ending, for sure!

  6. Hi Jim,
    Yes for sure. It was under a note pad in the drawer and when picked up the note pad I must have picked it up with it. Oh well just happy I found it.

    Thanks for stopping by today my special friend.