Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Very Wet Forth

This morning when I awoke it was very cloudy and the
air was humid and chilly. The temp this morning was 64
Went for a walk and it was sprinkling but we made it to the
end of the block and turned back.

I poured me some coffee and read some blogs. I figured I
better get in the shower and get ready for another good walk
before it really started to rain. It was a day for jeans and a
flannel shirt over my t-shirt. So we walked again and went
around the corner. Stopped a few time to talk to neighbors.
Then it started to sprinkle again and we made our way home.

I prepared the fish and wrapped it in foil to marinate until
it was time to BBQ.

I was watching the games being played at the club house
around 1 pm. There were lots of people out there playing
several different games. And then the rain came fast and
hard. There is a very large Ramada and they all squeezed
under there and some went into the club house. After about
5 min or so the rain stopped and the games resumed. It
sprinkled on and off all day. But the rain didn't stop any
one from having a great time.

I turned on the grill about 5 and put the fish on while I
made grilling beans and a salad. Also put on a small fillet
Now the fish came out great but I am not into the searching
for bones. So any more caught fish will either be let go or
given away. I will not give up fishing I love it

It is still raining at this hour of 9:24 pm. I know this will
help keep the fires away. It has been a good slow rain most 
of the time to soak into the trees and ground. The temperature
now is 59 and a low of 53 for the overnight low.

Hope you all had a fun filled and safe Forth of July.


  1. Good for the rain, makes things a lot safer in the mountains. The fish sounded yummy.

  2. Why not filet the fish so there aren't any bones?

  3. Good morning John,
    Yes we are very greatful for the rain. Bring it on.
    the fish was good Thank You.

    Hi Judy,
    I need to find someone who can teach me to fillet. The last time I tried there wasn't much fish left.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Glad you had a safe holiday! Sounds like your temps are great weather for napping!

  5. Hi Jim,
    Yes it was and I hope yours was too.
    the temps are great today also.
    Nappin hmmm sounds like a great idea.

    So glad you stopped by today.