Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Fountain And Kids

Went to lunch again with owners of The Lucky Duck. It was a nice day as long as we could stay out of the sun. We went to our favorite place Govinda's. Also another friend came along Terry.
A group of moms showed up with their little kids. Suddenly this was going on.

The food here is so good and it is Vegan all you can eat on Thurs.
The lentil soup was so good and the salad you build is great

 The fruit salad was really good and took the bite out of the bean thing on the plate
We sat and talk and kept moving further and further away from the table. Suddenly I heard the fountain stop and Anne said OH they are closing. We didn't have to far to walk to the cars as we had moved so much to get out of the sun. We will try to get together again before some one finally leaves Tucson for cooler climates.

Had to make a run to the store as I forgot to buy the pans for tomorrows lunch. Came home and started the sauce.

Good Night All


  1. Sounds like a fun lunch, complete with kids-in-a-fountain for entertainment.

    I see you are getting some nasty spammers again, Jo. Can you disable anonymous comments?

  2. Good morning tinycamper.
    Yes lunch was fun. The kids were cute but one fell over head first leaning over the side of the fountain. I almost jumped out of my skin. They had to come out and ask them to remove the kids.

    Yes I will disable anonymouse.