Friday, March 15, 2013

Just Had To Do It

Sorry folks if you use anon you can not post here anymore.
The spammers were  getting out of hand. What is worse is
they really don't read your post. They just get a blog list and
send their junk. I have read blogs that had some really sad an
emotional writing on them and some fool sends them a really
dumb spam. These people have no soul.

Today was another warm day.

I made such a mess in my house making the baked Ziti it
was a shame. I had Ziti all over the place as it was jumping
out of the pan onto the floor, into the sink all over the counter.
It was alive I tell you.  It's a good thing I made so much.
And Fred was having a ball. He doesn't get people food so
he would grab one and run for his man cave.  Amazing as
it was I was able to get to big trays done without any further
mess and delivered it to my friends still nice and hot.

I came home and was glad to be out of the heat.
I then looked at a few motels for the first week in April at
Tombstone. I have a choice of 3 at $49. Two of them charge
extra for Fred. One at $10 and the other is $25. I guess I
won't be going to that one.

Not much else is going on. It's the weekend again enjoy.

Good Night All


  1. That Ziti can really get unruly sometime and with Fred getting into it he will probably start barking in Italian.
    $25 dollars extra for Fred, at $25 he should get his own room.

  2. Sounds like a lot of money for such a little guy!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Good morning John,
    I think i heard him barking differently already. Also dropped some sausage he grabbed and ran off with. If I keep dropping things he WILL need his own room.

    Hello Jim,
    Yes it is a lot of money for a little dog. I realy need to find me a van and quick.

    Hey Sunny,
    where did you go??

  5. Well, I'll have to go back and look at Rick's instructions about OpenID. I just commented and poof! Funny visual with Fred and the Ziti. They do bring us a lot of joy, don't they, Jo?

    At least I had enough sense to copy what I was going to lose.

  6. Hello Nancy and Jack,
    Fred can be a little stinker. I knew he would grab the stuff and run to his man cave. I tried to put some in his dish so he would eat it there, but OH NO he ran off and he new he was wrong. haha
    Then he will come out doing the walk of shame. That's when he slinks down to the floor with his tail between his leg and looking all shameful in the face. He knows I am going to laugh at him.

  7. I had to turn moderation on, 50 new anon comments last night alone. Simply insane!

    I run to my man cave as well, Men are like dogs that way. :)


  8. Hello Eric,
    These people are jerks,when I received the same on twice on the same day that was enough.

    Men and their caves its to funny.