Sunday, June 30, 2013

It Rained, It Rained

 I went to wash the truck as I was getting really bored staying home and I hate having a dirty vehicle. I knew if I washed the truck it would rain and it did. OK so it only rained for about 4 min. but it rained hard.

After  I left the car wash I road down the road to the Dollar Tree where things are really only a dollar. I needed a serving tray for the 4th of July. I also picked up a few things that were on my shopping list. I picked up a plastic bowl for the chips I am bringing I had one and a glass one. I sure don't need to be carrying a glass bowl around. And no that isn't all I am bringing.

Then I went over the Big Lots! They had the same tray for $7. yup I love me some Dollar Tree. I did forget some things but they can wait.

Early morning clouds

 Mountain Chickadee
 It was a momma Dark-eyed Junco teaching her baby to eat.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend

Good Night All


  1. great pictures, Jo... love morning clouds like that ... and rain! yay

    $6 difference? same tray? I love it when I do that. Haven't been to the Dollar Store in a while ... but I do enjoy going there...

  2. I warned you, wash the car, wash the windows = rain.

  3. so your the one who washed the car, the rain was nice but it left a sticky mess all over my truck, could barely see out the window going home, must be pollen. nice pics

  4. Good morning Carolyn,

    I love morning clouds too and I really loved the rain!

    I don't know why they call half these strores dollar, lucky if a candy bar is only a dollar.
    But the Dollar Tree is a dollar!

    Hi John,

    I'm so happy to have had the rain. Of course the truck is dirty again. But that's OK!

    Hello ld,

    Now it's your turn to wash your truck.

  5. So glad to hear about the rain! At least it's a start.

    The bird photos are so sweet! :)

  6. Hi tinycamper,
    Yes it is and I hope we have more today clouds build but then go.

  7. Glad you got a little rain to cool things off!

  8. Hi Jim,

    Yes we had a little rain today too.