Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hate Flies

I made an appointment to take the truck in for an inspection at the garage I always use. I questioned the tires since I have never heard of the brand before. I don't do China made tires OK! I couldn't even pronounce the name.  Pete called and said the shocks could use a change. I told him what my plan was and he said heavy duty would be better and the tires are OK but not the best. So I will also be getting some American made tires too. Looking at a fat bill but I would rather do it right now and not look at worse later.

Last night Fred and I took what should have been a nice walk. But the flies are horrible. We tried again tonight and didn't get far when the filthy things started their attack so we turned around and came home. Tomorrow I will try to using SSS bug plus and see if that doesn't work. You can't walk during the day because the heat is awful and poor Fred looks to hide in any shade he can find. And I know it must be really hot on his poor paws.

I did some cooking today and it was a recipe I believe I had on here a while back. It said it was for a slow cooker. Well it sure isn't. The cook time is way to long for chicken and if I hadn't checked on it and turned it off I would have had chicken jerky. All the ingredients work well it's the cook time. Recipe was for Honey Mustard Chicken, and it needs to be made in the oven. Chicken doesn't take more than 30 min. to cook this recipe talks about hours. Even in a slow cooker the time is way to long.

Hope I get the truck back tomorrow I need black ink for my printer and staying home another day is not healthy for me. Makes me crazy. But I know if the truck is here I would be fine.

Tomorrow we are looking at 105 so maybe staying home won't be so bad. :(  I still have plenty to do around here.

Good Night All


  1. It's hard to keep flies away from sugar. Poor Fred, too bad he's so sweet.

  2. 105! That is brutal!

    I'm glad the truck will be in tip-top shape so as soon as you find a camper you won't have to worry about truck problems.

  3. 105! The weather report tonight said it was 111 degrees this date last year... I remember it well because I was in the PNW and nanner nannering ... haa

    The high today was 87! unbelievable. humid but not with 111 temperatures... ought to be a law.

    And spending money for safety and comfort on your truck is a necessity not a luxury ... I think so.

    night ;)

  4. I hope I don't encounter any more 105 degree days for a long time! Several years ago I needed two tires for my 1 ton pickup, and the guy at Les Schwab recommended Toyo brand. The price between Toyo and the American tire was a difference of about $200. I never had any trouble with the Toyo, but would never buy anything like that from China again. Hopefully my Highlander can use a slightly less expensive tire than the Ford truck.

  5. Best to spend the extra money now instead of when you are on the road!

    Sorry about the flies, sweetie! Pretty bad here as well!

  6. Good morning John,

    Your such a meanie! Fred wasn't bothered by the flies it was the heat.

    Hi Sharon,

    Yes it is. That's the reason I run off every summer.

    Sure didn't want any avoidable trouble on the road so I wanted to take care first.

    Hello Carolyn,

    We have temps like that here too. I hope not anymore this summer but who knows.

    I went out early this morning to clean out under the a/c unit so it will run easier. Of course the skeeters had a wonderful breakfast.

    Yes spending more for the best on a truck or car is always the best way to go.

    Hi Gypsy,

    Luckily I have a small Dodge Dakota so the tires are a little cheaper than for a really big truck. But I won't buy made in China if I can help it.

    Hello Jim My Friend,

    And having a mechanic you can trust is really great. They have a great reputation too. So we talked about what I want to do and get and he took care of it for me.

  7. Jo, I'm with you. I HATE flies. Hate them. That's why I never camped in the east in the summer. My truck is in for service and detailing. will be close to $1K. Egads, but I want to keep it in good shape so I have to bite the bullet. I used to detail myself, but with my back it isn't possible so $200. It looked like a brand new truck until I stopped detailing it ever year when I got back in 2010 and everything turned into chaos. It will be nice to see it nice and shiny, again. Hugs to Fred.