Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Truck Is Done and Lunch

Today as most mornings this week have been pleasant. A little humid but not bad. It has been very cloudy so I decided it was time to take a few picture of the sunrise.

Walked Fred and realized I was the only one with trash at the curb. OK so they changed the day again. You put it out on Wed. and they come on Thurs. Got It!

I have been wanting to clean under the A/C unit since I got home so I figured this morning was the time. I made sure it was off and started to hose underneath, and through the top. Loads of leaves came out and plenty of dirt. Of course the Mosquitoes thought it was breakfast time. Sweep up the mess and put in the trash. Now the carport is nice a clean, until the next big wind.

I called several awning companies the other day and not one has returned my call. Guess they don't need the work.  I'll have to look up a few more.

They called around 9:30 that the truck was ready and would be coming to pick me up. What a difference in the ride with new shocks and better tires. It almost melted my debit card. hahaha Of course it had an oil change and all fluids checked and new windshield wipers. It was checked from end to end.

Later this afternoon I went to lunch with some friends in the park. We went to Red Lobster, what a treat that was.

Also went to Best Buy, as I needed black ink for my printer. I almost fell over at the cost. I didn't know that Kodak went out of business and he claims that's what drove up the price. What ever. But then I heard  my name being called. It was the Canon I had been wanting. It was on sale guess it must be time for a new model. So tomorrow I will try it out if I don't see much change I will bring it back.

These pictures were taken with the old camera.

Hate all the lines in the way. I will drive out of the park past them tomorrow if there is another pretty sunset.
Good Night All


  1. the old camera still takes beautiful pic, cant wait t see what the new ones does. we sure miss you up here. the truck must look awesome with the new tires. take a pic. glad it rides good. Lucy

  2. Hummm, I think I have found another good blog! Photoshop will take out those poles and lines.

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  4. Tomorrow when you're out look for a good corner where you can sit with your "I'll work for food" sign, that way you can get your poor debit card repaired.

  5. look at that desert gold... beautiful!

    night ;)

  6. Hey Lucy,

    I really miss being there. Truck still looks the same, just rolls down the road better. Maybe next week I can get to Casa Grande to check out the camper.

    Hi Nan,

    Welcome to my blog Nan.
    I know about photo shop and I should look into it. I have Picasa but it doesn't do a very good job of removing things leaves the pics spotty. Thank you for recommending photo shop.

    Good morning John,

    I'll give the standing on the corner a little thought...... Nope don't think so. May have to go back to selling my pictures though.

    Hi Carolynn,

    This morning the clouds are way to thick to get any sun.

  7. I remember when the drawing card for buying a Kokak printer was the fact that their ink didn't cost as much as the printer, as most brands do. I was sorry they went out of business - another company lost to foreign competitors.

  8. Hi Gypsy,

    I had 2 reasons for buying the Kodak printer 1. was the great sharpness of the pictures and 2. was the cost of the ink. Now the ink is just as expensive as the HP. But I will continue t use the Kodak.
    It is a shame to see all this happening because of foreign competitors.