Monday, September 16, 2013


I got out there early this morning because we were expecting some hot weather. I put some of my little decorations up that was fun.

Someone mentioned using Velcro to hang the curtains because  it would stick to the carpet on the walls. I thought a had some but no. Must have gotten rid of it in one of my sweeps. Anyway I have this little baggie with screws and 3M stuff so I went through it and found a few of the ones they use to hang pictures. They stuck well to the frame above the window but wouldn't stick to the curtain. In my little bag I also found gorilla glue and put it on the sticky side of the part that had glue and stuck the material to it that way. Walla it worked. I had just enough to do the window over the bed which was where it  really needed to hug the window. I can un stick the curtain from the wall mount to open and open the window for the breeze and light. So all the stuff is in and secured to the floor. I then started to put the gear in and of course it is now a mess but when I get to camp it will be removed and all will be good.

Lucy said they went up to Big Lake today to check it out. Said it was really cold and raining. I'm not sure I want to make the trip if the weather is going to be so nasty. Will see how it looks by Thur.

This greeted me this morning when I opened my front door which faces SW

This purple pouch will hold my Kindle, glasses, clock, book light and what ever else I will need.

Where the fan is sitting I added another drawer and faced it outward for easier opening and a smaller one on top of that. All are secured and will not fall over. I used eyes screws to keep the drawers closed they move around so I can turn them out of the way to open the drawers. See the curtain on the left how it is against the frame now. I may have to get some Velcro later on but for now it works.
Tomorrow I am taking the day off. Not that there is much more to do. But they start the awning work tomorrow so I have to move the truck away from the area. I think that means play time.

Good Night All


  1. Oh, Oh, OH, I'm so far behind on blogger! I must read backwards to catch up with you Jo - but it looks like a big Congratulations is in order!!! YAY & YIPEEEEE!!!

  2. Looks nice, love all the little decorations.

  3. It's really coming together. I can't wait until you are able to take it out for a trial. You must be getting excited!!

  4. Glad to see you remembered the paddles.

  5. very very nice Jo... what fun and a sense of accomplishment after all this time with the setbacks one after the other...

    beautiful greeting this morning!

  6. Wish I was going with you. Beautiful weather for camping!

  7. it was nice at lake, sun was out it was raining down here in town as usual. the breeze at lake was real cool so need a jacket. of course we had shorts and t-shirts so were cold. the cloud was a beautiful greeting and the camper is great. love the decorations. hope the carport is a success.we will have a great time at lake.

  8. Hi Cyn,

    Yes lots going on here. Hope to take off this weekend.

    Hello Teri,

    Love making things cozy.

    Hello klb,

    Going to go one way or the other this weekend or early next week.

    Good morning John,

    Nope didn't forget them I guess I should move them next to the canoe.

    Hi Carolyn,

    Yes I am so happy to finally get this all done. Now to get this awning work done and over with and away I go.

    Hello Jim my Friend,

    I'll come pick you up.

    Hi Lucy,

    The nights are going to be really cold. If we had electric it wouldn't be to bad. I'll give you a call later to talk things over. I know you can't run the genny at night so that isn't going to work.

    Already moved the truck and just waiting for them to show up.

  9. It's looking so good! I just got a chance to see your last few posts with pictures and I love it. Sure wish I could do something like that, but it wouldn't work with my Highlander.

  10. Looks comfy! Have fun with play time! :)


  11. Hi Gypsy,

    Thank you. Are you on the road now? Be safe.

    Hello Erik,

    I will test it out this weekend and maybe for a little longer.