Sunday, September 15, 2013

Put In Full Day

I drank my coffee and got out there and went to work. I finished tacking the carpet down and put up the curtain rods. I was hoping for some help today but it didn't come and me being me wasn't about to wait either. So I dragged the mattress out and into the camper. I had a layer of foam and then the memory foam on top of that. It was a little to much so I pulled the foam out. The bed is made.

The curtain rods are not going to work and I may have to use wire so the curtains hang close to the windows. I brought out one of the plastic drawers to see the best corner and as you can see it was best in the far corner. I will bring out the other one tomorrow and fasten them into place.

I put in a full day of work today. I took some breaks to drink water and cool down. Then went back to it. I will finish all the important things tomorrow and then take Tues.  and Wed. off as the guys will be here to take down the old awning. They should be all done by Thur. with the new install. So I will pack up the rest of the stuff and pull out Friday for the mountains. Don't know how long I will stay up there maybe a week or so.

 I have already changed the bedding and I may change it again. I have a few choices. I love the quilt but it was to short and to wide. That piece of carpet has been fixed. If it doesn't stay it goes.
Tomorrow I will add some of my little decorations.

Good Night All


  1. the carpet over the wheel thing? can you make that into a shelf or a little table? put pvc pipe on each side then a something or other across?

    seems a shame to have a protrusion that you can't set something on and use... hmmm

    looking good and lots of exercise... ha


  2. It's certainly coming along... don't you feel good about all the progress you made. I'll bet you are working on it while the workman are there.

  3. Cool! So much better than a tent.

  4. Home, home on the range. Have camper will travel.

  5. way too cool, you are too neat and clean hahaha my truck don't look anything like yours . Liz and I are going to check out campground today. Cant wait till your back up here.

  6. Hi Carolyn,

    That's a good idea but it will have to wait until fall. I'm just all done out now.

    Hello klb.
    Can't work on while there here I need to be off street. The driveway will be under construction.

    Hi Teri,

    Yes I loved the tent but maybe only for a couple days not more.

    Good morning John,

    Singing my song.

    Hey Lucy,

    I'll talk to you later. I will be done as done gets today.

  7. It is really shaping up nicely, Jo.

    I like Carolyn's idea about putting a wooden box over the wheel well and making a table.

    I am a little concerned about condensation on the metal of the ceiling. It can feel like rain dripping on you when it is cold outside. Do you know someone who could help you insulate the top?

  8. Hi Sharon,
    the top has carpet on it to help the problem. If that doesn't work I have plenty of insulation left and will add it.

    I like her idea too but right now I am totally exhausted and it will have to wait until next month.

  9. How did you fasten the wire to your frame? I am interested because all the blogs and instructions say "now put up curtains", but never really tell you HOW.

  10. Hello Ruth,

    I didn't use wire I will explain in tonites post. Which I am about to do now. :)

  11. It looks so cozy! Looks like it needs someone to take a nap in it!