Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Took The Day Off

It was 88 degrees at 5:30 this morning WTH! Took Fred out for a walk and jumped in the shower. Had some coffee but ran out to move the truck to the empty house 2 doors down. Then enjoyed my coffee while I read things and played spider and Free Cell.

The guy was a little late but he sure got a lot done all by himself. His helper couldn't make it. All the side slats are down on the roof side, screening on the open side and lots of the pans are down. He was really tired and cleaned up and left. I sure hope he has help tomorrow. He climbing the ladder from one area to the other up on the roof and down again to the open side.

Just about the time he was cleaning up to leave my friend Terry arrived and we drove over to Barb's and off to lunch we went. My sister met us there. It was nice to relax and talk about all kinds of things.

After lunch Terry came back here for a while and we continued to wag our tongues.

Good Night All


  1. So, you rested everything today, but your tongue. I guess that counts as a day off.

  2. 88 at 5:30? No wonder you took the day off! Hope tomorrow cools down for you. :)

  3. where are pics of the carport??? we didn't have rain yesterday for once. hope it keeps on drying out. we are looking forward to friday

  4. Good morning John,

    Yep that counts as resting. :)

    Hello Sharon,

    Yes it was a nasty hot day and more are on the way. I hope the awning is finished by tomorrow so I can head to the mountains.

    Hi Lucy,

    I hope it dries out too. From the looks of things it shouldn't rain anymore and day time temps look good, night ones not so much haah.

  5. Echoing Id, where are the pics of the car port?

  6. Hi, Jo. Our weather has cooled down a bit which is making my slow pace at getting the trailer in order much easier. Still five minutes at a time. I've got just about everything organized and it's spic and span clean! Hi and pats to Fred. :)

  7. Hello Nancy,

    At least your getting better weather to help you along. We are back in triple digits again. Glad I finished my camper when I did. But easy does it and it gets done. I'm so happy for you!