Friday, September 13, 2013

Floor Is Finished!

I messed around to long this morning getting out there so I had to work in some heat so I could finish the floor. I started doing the cuts with a jigsaw but that was getting me nowhere fast. I borrowed my neighbors circular saw and got the big cuts done pretty quick. I cleaned up his saw and brought it right back. If I had to cut a straight line to save my life I should just lay down and die on the spot. So anyway I got it done and went to put the small pieces in there place and remembered the little round part that sticks out for the gas intake. I used a razor to cut the insulation and used it for a template for the wood. You know that was the best cut I made!

By know it was really hot and I had had enough. So I cleaned up and jumped in the shower. That shower was like the best thing ever. And took some Tylenol.

I relaxed and cooled down for awhile and then forced myself to go to Lowe's for the curtain rids and two way tape for sticking the insulation down, picked up a piece of indoor outdoor carpet for the floor. I was also looking for a 3 step ladder that was out of stock. I'll check Walmart Monday. The 2 step is to short. Or maybe I'll just call around to see about steps to attach to the truck.

Maybe tomorrow I will get some pictures of what I accomplished .

Good Night All


  1. Sounds like progress is being made. Won't be long before your little run away will be ready to run away.

  2. good progress.. sleep tight .. ;)

  3. Good morning John,

    Yes and I can still move today so I should get lots more done. Friday the 20th is schedule leave day.

    Hi Carolyn,

    Thanks I sure worked hard at it. And slept really well.

  4. You are quite the handy woman. We could use you at NOMADS!

    BTW, Len found a dumpster behind the casino so we got rid of the stench!

  5. Hello Phyllis,
    No you wouldn't want me to do any handy work believe me. I sure I could find a Len around here somewhere. I'm just winging believe me it ain't pretty.

  6. I'm so happy for you, Jo. Can't wait to see pictures... and I'm really antsy to tag along on your maiden voyage in it! :)

  7. Hi Sharon,
    I discovered how old I am.