Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Salute to All Service Women and Men Past and Present

As always we thank our Service Members And a big Salute to all!

I have no plans for tomorrow but I will be BBQ some meat!

I don't like being on the roads on holidays of any kind. I prefer staying home where there is no traffic and no crazy's on the road.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday and Don't Drink and Drive.

Good Night All


  1. I think most of us retired folks prefer to avoid the roads on holidays. Much safer to stay home.

  2. Glad you'll be safe and off the roads, Jo. Thanks for your salute to those who served past and present.

  3. me tooo ... no way so I want to get out ... nice rain this evening though and cool sitting out on the patio. I like that. very quiet.

    Salute to our veterans ... indeed!

  4. I always though of long weekends as amateur time and a good time to stay out of their way.

  5. I'm enjoying a quiet Memorial Day too, being thankful for those who served...

  6. Hi Gypsy,

    Yes now that I am retired I much rather stay home if not already somewhere else. but I remember when working how much a long weekend getaway was the big thing.

    Hello Nancy,

    Always want to remember our Service People I knew and know many.

    Hi Carolyn,

    Rain how nice all we have been getting are clouds at least the winds have died down. Sitting out at night is really nice right now.

    Good Morning John,

    A Salute to you on this Memorial Day. Yesterday I marinated some meat to BBQ today and what is left over will be put in the freezer for another meal or 2 unless someone shows up at the door.

    Hello Diva,

    Yes enjoying and remembering today will be a wonderful way to enjoy this day

  7. Hi Jo! Good news, after even more smoke, etc, blue skies. Great weather to honor our veterans. Missing a new picture of Fred.

  8. Hi JMD,

    So happy you had clean air today I hope it holds. They say the winds are way down lets hope it stays that way.
    Picture coming in tonights post