Saturday, May 24, 2014

Some Rain On

Nope not here, but up north not much but lets hope it keeps coming.

We had another beautiful day today and boy did I take advantage of it and sat on the porch most of the afternoon with my sister after lunch. I turned off the a/c and opened all the windows and turned on fans.  But for some reason it didn't stay cool in the house so about 6:30 I had to close up the house and put the a/c on again. Don't understand why that happened because it sure was nice and cool out doors.

It won't stay cool for long and I see by the middle of next week we will be hitting triple digits. I just might have to hit the road.

Hope you all have a great weekend and be safe on the roads.

Good Night All


  1. Maybe it gets hot because you live in a metal box, just like me.

  2. Yes, time to find a cooler place to be...No smoke or fires allowed either!! Higher country for sure!

  3. Good Morning John,

    I have wood siding but the wall are probably 3" thick hahaha

    Hi Karen,

    Talked to a friend about goin to Mount Lemon but I would have to drive clear across this crowded busy town to get there.

  4. The Rim is great this time of year!

  5. Hello Ryan,

    I'm getting that I NEED TO GO ATTITUDE! LOL

  6. Another "no mountain" day filled with smoke and ash. Getting a bit old...know what I mean?

  7. I'm thinking about going tent camping for a few days to a week sometime in June. The heat in Sacramento is pretty bad for the next few days and my house is only bearable if I don't move around much. Suits me!

  8. Hi JMD,

    I bet it is. I guess you have nowhere to escape too?

    Hi Gypsy,

    Yes the heat can be nasty unless we don't move. I have a/c but I can't afford to use it like it was free so I keep it at 80 and use ceiling fans.