Monday, May 26, 2014

Nice Hot Day

It was warm this morning so knew it was going to be a hot one. I had my hand pushed to set up a small sitting area at the end of the carport. I've been giving it some thought. So today when the jerk next door decided to be an ass I knew it was time to get it done. I love sitting out in the morning and enjoying the new day. 

So first I stopped at my sisters house to see if I couldn't help her figure out some of the problems she is having with her new Windows 8. Nope! It is so user unfriendly I couldn't believe they came out with something like this. I have heard plenty of bad things now I have seen it for myself.

On to Lowe's I went. Picked up to chairs and a roll up to block some of the sun from that space in the early morning. I swept up the mess from the wind and hosed it all down to make it nice and clean.
I was going to move the little Bistro table from the porch but then I remembered there was a small bar table out there already so I just used that.  I had one of those cheap table cloths so I just cut it down and used the clips that came with it to hold it on.  By then the heat was really up there so I had to be finished for the day.

I came in to cool down but went back out a few times to do a few more things and take some pictures. I had just finished downloading the pictures and shut down the computer when the electric went off. WHAT! the summer has just started and we are already having a problem.  Filled up my insulated cup with ice and water, made sure the a/c was turned off and other things that might have to much surge when it came back on.

I sat and started reading my book. It started getting pretty warm so out to the shed to get the battery powered fans. Luckily they had batteries and ready to go. I put one on the floor for Fred and one on a foot stool aimed right at me. No problem staying cool.

Even Fred gets into it with his collar specially made for him by Lucy
I went out and redid the table cloth by tucking in under at the corners and added a little yellow box with daisy. I guess I could put the rabbit away now.

I made this a few years ago it read 100 but I would like to believe it wasn't that hot.
But it was.

Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe long weekend.

Good Night All


  1. Probably was that hot, Jo, it was 99 here. Geesh. Fred is a keeper for sure! Too cute er make that handsome.

    Everyone has an ass for a neighbor, if not yet, soon! We have ours and thought we left them in Oregon. Two guesses where they are from! Huh? Did they follow us????!

  2. Thanks to Fred for his patriotic tribute. Like the little sitting area, but Tuscon really needs air conditioning.

  3. I have a wonderful neighbor on one side, and an old guy on the other side who isn't all that bad except if he starts talking to you he doesn't shut up, so I try to avoid him. Your little sitting area looks so comfy, but is it cool enough to sit out there?

  4. Hi JMD,

    Yes it was really hot and in a few days they say 104. Guess who will not show there face to the outside world.

    Good morning John,

    Fred is very proud of his collar and thanks our Service People by wearing it.

    Yes Tucson needs A/C!

    Hello Gypsy,

    I'm getting a new neighbor on the other side in a few days and she seems very quiet. Maybe I'll meet her today.

    I won't be able to sit on either side after 9 am any day the metal awning makes it way to hot. But at least I can enjoy the early morning for coffee

  5. And, there's Fred!!! Such a cute boy. As busy as you are, Jo, his little head must spin. Cute little reading area though I like to read from a reclining position. :) 100 degrees! I hate it I tell ya!

  6. Panting. 101 degrees here! ugh!