Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What a Great Day

The day  had a nasty start, but got really great a little later in the morning.  Debbie brought my great grandson for a visit today. I hadn't seen him since he was 6 months old he is now 2 1/2 and what a great mind he has. Lots of imagination. And loves treasure maps. I had some old maps and he got busy marking where the treasure might be. But we need to be careful the Pirate doesn't find the map or the treasure. His last treasure was in the jungle and he road there on a tiger's back. He also got to play with the basket of toys from the days of his mom's generation. So glad I never got rid of those toys.

At first he was very quiet as he didn't know me at all.

But a bowl of pretzels and  a nice cool drink and all was better
 Of course he loves taking pictures.

Before he left he wanted to take a funny picture. I told him how happy I was to see him and he said maybe he would be back tomorrow.  These are his toys that he brought along but soon forgot them as the basket of new to him toys came out.

Today we hit 102 degrees tomorrow will be 105 I really need to hit Wally World about 6 am and then its close up the blinds and lock myself in. I have some photo's I want to frame and now I have one of Mr. Cello too.

Good Night All


  1. What a cute little boy. Looks like he had a great time with Great Granny. I can't believe the heat you're having...just hope it doesn't continue all summer. I get indoors when it creeps up into the 80s!

  2. Glad you were able to get reacquainted. Pretzels are the way to a boys heart.

  3. That is one cute lil boy! Oh my just too many hugs and someone that adorable.

  4. So glad he warmed up to you, Jo. Yay for the pretzels and drink!

    Wow... those temperatures are horrible. Sounds like mountain time to me! :)

  5. He is a little darling! Isn't it fun to be around young children, and then it's also fun when they go home and you can relax.

  6. Hello Nancy,

    Yes it was such a treat to see him and listen to all his adventures. And so well behaved too.

    These are the temps we suffer here in the desert for most of the summer it just came really early this year.

    Good morning John,

    Yes it was really fun, I didn't know they were coming so luckily I had the pretzels. Today I picked up some kid cracker so I am prepared for the next time either of the boys shows up.

    Hello JMD,

    He is such a sweetie and will give you all the hugs and kisses you want.

    Hi Sharon,

    Yes my daughter's car has a/c but then the car won't run right and he was really hot when they got here. He was so thirsty poor guy he sure did drink plenty of fluids here and I made sure he had a full cup to home with.

    Yes the heat came kind of early this year Mountain time sounding more urgent every day.

    Hi Gypsy,

    It was lots of fun and yes it's nice they go home to their parents. they sure can wear you down but I loved every minute of him.

  7. What a little cutie! So glad you had some 'grand' time! With the heat it seems time to pack your truck and head for the hills!

  8. How lucky - I sweet little visitor.

    Over 100! Much too hot for me - ever.

  9. Hi Karen,

    I have an eye apt. the end of June then I'm outa here.

    Hi Phyllis,

    He was a great visitor indeed.

    It is way to hot for me too.