Sunday, August 24, 2014

Another Great Sunday

Picked up my daughter Tracy for out usual Sunday morning breakfast and a little shopping. When we came out of the store it was HOT! I asked if there was anything else she wanted to do. But it was way to hot and we were ready to call it a day.

When I came home I figured I would do some house choirs and put a turkey loaf in the crock pot. Then just sat and crocheted for a while.

My friend Barb called and they were only about 25 min. from home after being gone for the summer.

Welcome Home!

Good Night All


  1. We were much warmer also and I had to go back to using the a/c. :-P

    Whoever invented the crock pot should have received a big prize. I love mine and after that an automatic washer. lol

  2. Hi JMD,

    Yes I love my crock pot. use the heck out of mine. I have a back up but I like this older one my daughter gave me many Christmas's ago. It just has the warm, low and high settings. The other one has lots of setting and a timer but I think it gets to hot and the food can get over cooked if I let the timer do the work.

    When camping I sure miss my washer. Just talked about that last night and maybe I should bring my old wash board along for stream washing. LOL

  3. When it's too hot to do anything that early in the morning - you just gotta know it's HOT

  4. I just ran across an old washboard I have and was wondering why I even hang on to it. Maybe I'll keep camping in mind!

  5. Hi Phyllis,

    Yes that is a very true statement. Here we wish for winter on your end you can't wait for summer strange world. LOL Wishing you well my blogging friend

    Hi Gypsy,

    I have mine hanging in the laundry room something I picked up someone. But you never know when something like that can come in handy it's a small one so easy to tote if necessary