Friday, August 22, 2014

Better Day

Yesterday was just a rotten day. Very Frustrating! So I just didn't bother to post. While the weather was really nice the rest of it .... well you know.

Today was also a nice day. I had to go to Walgreen's down the road because my store was out of my medications but at least they found them for me and it wasn't all that far away. While I was there I turned in 2 more but they only had one. The girl said she would order the other one and I told her not to bother it wasn't all that important.

I had some shopping to do so I figured I would do the big Walmart but couldn't find a parking space. So I drove on to the Neighborhood Market Place instead. Picked up a few items like fresh fruit that where not on my list but it sure looked good and the prices low. I was looking at a fruit that looked like a plum but it was kind of fuzzy. The produce guy was standing near and I asked what it was, he said it was a cross of an apricot and a plum and that they were really good. So I bought them. And yes they were sooooo good and juicy. If you find them try them.

The other day I was shredding some paper and something made a terrible sound, I reversed it but couldn't figure out what was wrong so I turned it off and left the rest for another day. This was the day I was picking through some of the stuff that I reversed and found a penny stuck in the paper. DO NOT PUT PENNIES in a shredder it doesn't like it one bit. While it still works it sure sounds bad.  

My planets must not be in a good line. My other problem was I backed into the A/C unit today. It just moved a little and thankfully it is working just fine. I always wanted it to be in the backyard but not moved quite this way.

I think I may need a life break or something.

Here it is another weekend already, you all be safe and I am staying home and not using any machinery of any kind.

Good Night All


  1. Things are on the upswing, better days are just ahead.

  2. Well, for a bit I thought you ran away. Sounds like you wish you did. Unfortunately there are some days that just go sideways from start to finish. Thankfully they aren't too often.

    I have never seen that fruit, interesting, I did manage a great deal on some blueberries and froze them for muffins this winter. I threw a pork roast in the crock pot and later some potatoes and fixed corn on the cob. Easy stuff. It was 82 here and a blessing to have some days of relief both from the heat and the air conditioning bill. :-D

  3. Good morning John,

    Yes they are I don't have many days like that one I usually can blow them off but that one well, just glad it is over and I am going to move on.

    Hi JMD,

    I really would have liked to just run off for sure. It was a sideways day for sure.

    Now that meal sounds really good. It is nice to have these cooler temps and less humidity makes you feel more alive and wanting to do more things. And a big YES for the A/C bill.

  4. yeah, I need to write that down… do not put pennies in your paper shredder. I like that advice.

    ah, life breaks … universe is telling you to chill. go buy some you and Fred a treat and prop yer feet up and listen to Pavarotti … worked for me last week.. I listened to it at least four times … and each time? my life came on back home…

  5. OH My sometimes machines just have their way with us---MY front AC blower quit in the van! It has happened before, hope it comes back as it did before....I had it replaced to the tune of $408. I'm beginning to think there is NOT an honest soul left in the world! Sent a Certified letter to that da*n clinic today demanding my corrected records or else--now I have to think what ---or else--- I can legally do--

  6. Hi Carolyn,

    I try to give good advise as often as I can haha.
    But the Pavarotti thing would never work for me. Getting out of town is what I really need now I am hoping for end of Sept. first of Oct.

    Hi Sondra,

    That's horrible about the fan. I'm telling you planets are on the wack right now. Gotta blame something. Tell those fools your going public and to the news media that might work and if not do it! So sick of nasty rude and dishonest people. Need to find a new planet.