Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Today was a really nice day. We had light breezes and low heat and humidity.

I took full advantage and cleaned the porch. Transplanted one of my plants that out grew it's pot and killed 2 Black Widows. Shocked me to find them out there since I had sprayed already. Sat out there for quite some time and read. Sure hope we have a lot more of those days but it is kind of early.

Did 2 loads of laundry and put the clothes away. But it was just to nice to stay in the house and Fred and I spent lots of time outdoors.

We had a great deal of rain over night but I slept through it. As for the flooding we didn't have any trouble here as we are a little higher up and have some really good washes. Northeast of here they had some problems but nothing like Phx. they sure did get hit hard. I really feel for those people that lost everything.  But then there are always the fools who think what great fun it would be to drive through the closed roads and get swept away. They a have a law here called Stupid Motorists. They will pay very heavy fines on top of losing their vehicles to the flood. I can't believe that after living here for 40 yrs. that it never stops and people never learn.

Good Night All


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    1. Stupid is as stupid does. No matter how many times they make announcements about driving into water there are always some who figure that doesn't apply to them. The problem is they put others at risk to rescue them and no matter what the fine, it's not enough.

  2. I'm glad to hear you got some cooler weather. Sacramento did too - never got above 80 today. Beautiful!

  3. Good morning John,
    No it just doesn't sink in (pun intended) Those rescuers are at risk for drowning themselves. They deserve a great big Thank You!

    Hi Gypsy,

    Yes it was a great day to enjoy the outdoors. I would like your temps but I'll take these for now.

  4. There is a Jewish proverb that says "Against stupidity God himself is helpless.", :-). On rare occasions in Oregon they would have a tsunami watch and people would gather on the beach to see it come in. Geesh.

    Loved yesterday, even baked the husband a cake to celebrate cooler weather. He is quite happy! lol

  5. In agreement with how stupid some people can be. Glad you're getting a little cooler. Bet Fred feels more energetic, too. We've had some awful Thunder storms--one clap was so loud I swear it hit the house. Jack couldn't care less. Most times I sleep right through them. Enjoy your day.

  6. HI JMD,

    Unbelievable how dumb some people are. When you watch the news about storms along the coast line and you see all those idiots standing on the board walk or along be water front. So many lives have been lost and still it continuess.

    WOW you even baked a cake. It isn't as cool today but I have yet to run the a/c at 2:48 pm.

    Hi Nancy,

    Yep Fred is running all over the house and when he was out he was happy not to have to avoid the hot rocks. The lightening and thunder have been quite a show here too.

  7. I hear you on that front Idiots out number
    Glad you got a reprieve from the weather a bit, here its extra crispy today 100 degrees and High humidity...I'm done with all outside chores for the day and its 11 am!
    good idea to write your tv station I may end up doing the same thing!!!

  8. Hi Sondra,

    I know those early get done chores and hide indoors. Man this has been a long summer. It was another cooler day today.