Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Guess I Had Good One

We were supposed to have an 80% chance of rain today or did they mean 80 drops?  The street never got wet. But the temps were just awesome. I sat out on the porch for about 3 1/2 hrs this afternoon reading and playing with Fred. 

It started to thunder around 1 pm far off in the distance and the sky was dark grey south of here. As the afternoon wore on the thunder was closer and the breeze was just great.  But as it got even closer Fred wasn't to happy. He doesn't really get all crazy or whiny but you can tell he isn't real happy. So I let him go in the house and I stayed reading out doors. It started to sprinkle but that was it. The thunder moved on so I let Fred back out and into the yard so he could take care of business.

I finally realized it was well after 5 and I was getting hungry so we can in. 

I would love to have more of these days but looks like we will be in triple digits again in a few days. 8~(

Good Night All


  1. Glad your day was nice sort of weird no rain for you. We had a real good rain and it was another day that we didn't have to a/c on. Our electric bill was $35 less than the previous month and I hope the next one is even less.

    I baked a cake just a small one in a 9x9 pan it was really good, chocolate and no egg.

  2. I wish the extreme heat would just move on because it is so hard to take after a couple of nice days.

  3. Our hots are returning gradually too..but for now I'll enjoy it while its here! We are now due for some rain cant go without long everything gets so dry!!

  4. Hi JMD,

    It was a great day the a/c ran a little but not much. Don't want the house to get to hot or the a/c works harder to cool it down.

    Hi Gypsy,

    I'm with you you enjoy the cooler temps and then bam back up.

    Hi Sondra,

    Yep all we can do is enjoy the few cool days but at least you know the sweltering ones are almost over.

  5. Everyone needs a day like that every now and again. I'm sure Fred feels the same way. ;-)

    1. Hi Nancy,

      Yes it was a nice change from all the heat an humidity. Fred loves his porch so he enjoyed it all day.