Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sunday Breakfast on Saturday

Tracy needed to pick up something she ordered online and had it delivered to the store for free shipping.

So we decided to do breakfast this morning and went to a different place, that has a buffet. It was good but I only had one plate. Buffet's for me don't always pay but since they do old folks discounts it was pretty cheap. 

After breakfast we went over to the little outdoor mall I guess you call it. It was still early so we stopped in at the Dollar Tree. I picked up light bulbs, tissues and a couple pair of higher power reading glass's. 

By then the store Tracy needed to go to was open and we went in and right back out as soon as she got her package.

Once again the humidity was so heavy we called it a day. I brought her home and my smiley was there so I stopped in to see him. He showed me his train Thomas and how the switches made the train go in different directions. Then it was Ninja Turtle movie time. He had to get all suited up with his turtle pack and his mask. It was to much haha. With that I came on home.

My friend Rose called and did need the little shampooer so I brought that over and we had some nice ice cold ice tea. 

The clouds started moving in and the sky was getting really dark so I headed home. About an hour later the wind came up and it poured down rain for about 20 min. 

Good Night All  


  1. Sounds productive and fun day and you've even got Sunday breakfast out of the way.

  2. The humidity can really bring a person to a halt. I don't mind a little humidity though - not as drying on the skin.

  3. Good morning John,

    Yes it was a fun and productive day.

    Hi Gypsy,

    Yes the humidity is worse than the heat. If it comes with rain then I will deal with it.