Saturday, September 20, 2014


Once again we had high humidity. Called for a 40% chance of rain. Not a drop. I hope tomorrow is less humid.

I went to Walgreen's to pick up a few things today and found a really nice plant (Bonsai) to take to my friend Barb, who had foot surgery this week. We sat and gabbed for awhile and she was happy to have company since there isn't anything worth watching on TV as usual. 

I have cut back to basic DirecTV there isn't anything worth paying that much for. I think I will cut back even more to just local channels. 

When I came home I cut up the chicken for chicken pot pies I will make tomorrow to take on the trip and one of my crustless quiche . Want to get it in the over early so it would heat up the house to much. 

Been gathering up things as I go along and checking my toiletries  bag. Pulled the tripod out of the truck and put it with the camera bag. Made sure I had the battery charger and plenty of batteries for the other Canon. The weather looks good for our stay. 

I will need to buy dog food on Monday so Fred won't starve packed leash and extra bags for his business. 

He has latched on to an old toy of his lately so I better remember to take. When I open the door to the porch he runs and gets his tiger and out he goes. When I open the door to tell him lets go he grabs it and brings it back in. Fred is such good entertainment.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, whats left of it.

Good Night All


  1. HA HA Fred, such a cutie. Hating on the humidity so bad, an entire day of sweating. UGH.

    Does your recipe for quiche call for milk or something more exotic? If it is just regular milk maybe you could post the link? My husband loves that stuff, I only have a recipe that calls for cream. Trying to get some of the fat off of me. :-(

    Before we cut out all tv we went to just local stations in Oregon and finally chucked it all, mostly advertising and the latest on some celebrity. Geesh. You would think there is no news or something. Been five years and haven't missed it yet.

  2. Sounds like you won't have to worry about Fred's tiger, he'll take car of that himself.

  3. Hi JMD,

    I believe I posted this recipe before. but if you send me an e-mail I will send you this recipe. There is no milk or cream involve it is a very low cal quiche.

    Good Morning John,

    Your probably right about the tiger.

  4. Hubby could not LIVE without the Western Channel. Oops, might say the same about me with Fox News.

  5. Hi Phyllis,

    I don't think I get the western channel and since Fox in local I get that one. :) I may go out and buy one of those boxes so I can cancel the entire Directv