Thursday, November 13, 2014

World Market Again

My wrist was feeling a bit better but didn't want to push it so after I ran to the post office to mail my sisters pkg. Rose picked me up and we went to Kmart. Now I really hate Kmart and haven't been in one for about 10 yrs. But Rose also wanted to go to World Market so I went along..

I picked up a Lentil Soup mix I have been wanting Lentil soup for a long time. It was really good but not as good as the one my dad used to make.  I also picked up a few little cheeses and sausages for our Wine Tasting before Kathy goes home for Christmas. It's actually our Christmas party just for the  ladies. 

We stopped and had lunch and then headed home.

My niece has cancer and her body is shutting down now. This is why  my sister flew back to NJ. She is only 54. Cancer knows no age. I pray she doesn't suffer.

Then I got a call from my granddaughter to let me know I will once again be a great Nonna. Due date July 4th.

Hope my hand is much better tomorrow so I can cut up and cook the squash I bought yesterday.

Good Night All


  1. Congrats on the baby to be! That is exciting news. One of my kiddos was born on the 4th of July. I have always called her my little fire cracker.

  2. I hope your niece doesn't suffer too much and goes quickly to the other side. That is sad for a person so young to be taken by that disease. I feel for your sister also and pray for her to receive the strength she needs.

  3. After both of us having lost our former spouses to the disease we understand how ruthlessly painful it is. We'll be praying for her and her family as they will need strength to deal with their loss long after it happens.
    Congratulations on the new Great Grand.

    It's about time.

  4. Hi Karen,

    Thank you, had a sil born on the 4th and she was a real fire cracker too.

    Hi Gypsy,

    Thank You, I hope so too. I think they are going to stop all treatment today and just keep her pain free. It's tough because she is still so positive about the outcome.

    Hi Rick and Kathy,

    I Thank You both. She beat it twice before but this time it was spread everywhere before they realized it was back.

  5. Sorry for the sad news of your niece, wishing for a quick exit is sometimes the merciful prayer we can ask Aunt Katie went the same way as you described in your comment beat breast ca twice had a double mas. and still it took her in the end...and now my uncle has just had to have his bladder removed, we are all very hopeful that its gone. The universe keeps balance one leaves and one enters.

    Got this on Facebook, there's a recipe for different squash mixed, to bake, plus,,, lots of others, i like the 5 bean one, gonna try it.

  7. Hi Sondra,

    With all the trillions of dollars for research this is the most horrible of Diseases’ to treat and survive. Some make it more don't. I wish the best for your uncle.
    My mom always said that about one leaves and a new one enters

    Hi Trouble,

    I'll check them out Thank You

  8. Sorry about your hand, if I was closer I would come do it. Hope it heals real fast, ps....leave the turkey's alone, they hurt you. :-D

  9. Another comment, sorry, brain not working today. Real sorry about the niece, I will pray for her and the family. Such an ugly disease that spares no age group.

  10. The cycle of life continues. But 54 is so very young. My prayer is that she doesn't suffer and is able to leave in peace. And then you get to celebrate the birth of a new great grandbaby. What a joy that will be.

  11. So sorry about your niece, Jo. Death is always too "soon", but 54 is very difficult to comprehend. I wish her an easy passing.

    My Mom called me the day she died and and was so happy and excited saying, You'll never guess what happened, today. The girl next door gave birth right on my front sidewalk. When one life ends, another begins." My Mom went in her sleep that night.

  12. Hi JMD,

    It is only a little sore now. I'm going to make my daughter come get that stinkin turkey.
    Thank you for the prayers.

    Hi Jim and Sandie,

    Yes she is just to young. But we can't change things that are destine to be. The new baby will be a joy for sure.

    Hi Nancy,

    Thank you, My niece is so up beat even today that they told her they couldn't do more for her. They will keep her on Dialysis 3 time a week so I don't think she won't be going home like she wants too. We shall see there are many stairs to her home.