Thursday, August 13, 2015

Still Waiting

Besides being hotter than hell here not much else.

I am still waiting for a scheduled apt. to get the CT Scan and the Nuclear Bone scan. Now today they said they have to get the OK from my insurance, WTH! I'm at the end of my rope with this pain. 

I had to vacuum today as the place is starting to get on my nerves now. So I took 3 Tylenol and then waited an hour for them to take effect. Spent the rest of the day sitting in my chair but at least the rugs are cleaner. 

Maybe tomorrow I will get some dusting done.


  1. Drat! I was hoping you were all friskie by now. Soon, very soon.

  2. I hope your pain will be relieved soon. It's awful to be in constant pain.

  3. Hi JMD,

    I sure wish I was.

    Hi Gypsy,

    This crap with Ins. is getting to be a pain in the neck and just think we have to pay for this every month.

  4. I wonder if Chiropractic adjustments would help...I used to go when I was younger and was always putting my back out with heavy Upholstery work, it was instant pain relief!

  5. Hi Sondra,

    My Dr. does this too but now since the bone thing came back so bad he didn't thing it was a good idea. But I see him again next week and will ask him to please reconsider at least a small one