Thursday, November 12, 2015

Baby It Was Cold

I almost had a good nights sleep last night. But it was so cold my feet never seemed to be warm which caused cramping in my right foot on an off. I hated to get out of the bed this morning it was so cold. I checked the thermostat and it didn't even register how cold it was in here.  I quick put on my sweats, socks and heavy slippers. I put Fred in his sweater and let him out. I brought in a small thermometer off the porch which was reading 30 degrees, it went up to 35 in the house.  I went to the computer room and turned on the electric heater. Fred wanted in and ran right for the heater. I grabbed my nice hot cup of coffee and headed for the heater too.

I also turned the heater on in the bathroom so I could get that warm for my shower.

I pulled out my flannel sheets and extra comforter and made up the bed so it will be nice and warm after I have been in it for a little bit.

I waited for it to be a good hour to call the guy to come light the furnace. He came later on in the afternoon and got it lit quick. Of course it turned out to be a really nice day and I had the door open to warm up the house. So I am now set for the cold.

I ran off to Walmart for the crescent rolls to make the little apple turnovers but haven't made them it yet.

Good Night All


  1. Sure didn't get that cold here but I still turn on the heat in the morning to take the chill off. I would just about die at 35. Glad you got the furnace on.

  2. Sounds like cuddling weather to me. Maybe Fred could sleep on your feet!

  3. Love those flannel sheets. We finally had our first hard freeze and now in a few days will put my potted plants into their "plant cave" in the carport for the winter. I try and get out into the morning sunshine to soak up the rays to start my day out. You stay warm too.

  4. It got cold here last night after a very windy day...time for the big comforter to go on the bed for sure!! Happy Friday 13th!

  5. Hi Jim n Sandie,

    It was great to get up to a 64 degree house, perfect for me.

    Hi Jim my Friend,

    Fred isn't allowed on the bed, but I had lots of covers last night.

    Hi Emily,

    Yes love my flannel sheets felt so good last night. I need to move my plants too and get out the old towels I save to cover the plants.

    Hi Sondra,

    Happy Friday 13th to you too! My nest felt so good last night with all the extra comforters and flannel sheets

  6. Gosh, didnt you see a weather report? lololol. Why didn't you use the elec heaters? I put my electric blanket on last week, turn it on the warm the bed, then off when i get into it.

  7. You're having the same problems I had earlier this week. I'm glad to have my heater going again, although it usually just runs off and on throughout the night when the temp dips below 55. I use electric heaters during the day. The best is sleeping in my nice warm bed.

  8. Hi Trouble,

    Yes but I didn't think it would get that cold in the house. I did turn on the electric heaters once I got out of bed. Never thought it would get THAT cold in here.

    Hi Gypsy,

    Yes I keep the thermostat low too it was nice getting up this morning. the put the electric heater on for a bit in the bathrom and computer room. Day turned out beautiful