Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I've Made A Decision

Yesterday was a say good bye day. One of the ladies from a traveling women's group came to town a couple of weeks ago. I believe I mentioned this in a post awhile back. We have done a few things together since she arrived. But now it is time for her to move on to her next adventure. We meet for lunch yesterday and then said our good byes until next time. I wish her and her fur kids a safe and wonderful time on the road.

Later I walked over to one of my neighbors to see the new steps being built by her husband and the guy who will be doing mine off the back of the porch.  She had fallen off these steps  on New Years day. These steps had been there when she bought the house and the man built them himself. They were way to narrow for any adult foot and the height was way to high. So the steps are now nice and safe and a proper size all the way around.

Today just some yard work was done but not much else. I'm feel I am getting into a rut here so A Decision was made. Next Monday I will return to exercise class. I'll take it slow and easy and see how it goes if it goes well I will work into it slowly until I get back to where I was before.

Good Night All


  1. Ruts can be comforting but they aren't good for us to stay in for a long time. Glad you're going to get back to class and take it nice and slow. You don't want to be all sore the next day.

  2. Hi Sandie,

    While I have been getting out quite a bit more it's not enough moving around. I loved going to that class and it was doing me good and I felt so much better until I injured myself, I don't think it has anything to do with the exercise class I think I did it getting the camper ready for my trip.

  3. Good idea! I have not been walking at all this winter, and It shows.

  4. Recently I've considered buying a house and going off the road. But I am afraid of getting into a rut. I can see hubby sitting in front of the TV, playing solitaire on the computer. He does this on days we have nothing planned. 7 am to 10 pm. DRIVES ME CRAZY.

    It's a good thing for you to change it up a bit. Good luck.

  5. I think getting back to the exercise class is a great idea. If anything hurts, just take it easy in that area. I still find there are some exercises I have to be careful with because of my ribs.

  6. Easy does it..... Winter will be over soon and then for you it will be summer and summers heat!! Keep enjoying every day!

  7. Hi Sondra,

    Yes it's time to get moving so I will know if a trip to the mountains is going to work for me this summer. Been doing some short walks but nothing really far.

    Hi Phyllis,

    So many fulltimers are talking about hanging up their keys or finding a place to call home and only traveling part time. I know it isn't a easy choice.

    Thanks for the good wishes on my changing up my life.

    Hi Gypsy,

    Just have to see how it works, breathing is still a bit of a problem which mean the injurey hasn't completely healed yet but I need to start doing something.

    Hi Karen,

    Yes easy does it. I'm hoping I won't be here for the heat but time will tell.