Saturday, March 26, 2016

Back Already

I got to the CG around 11:30 and did a small set up. It wasn't to hot and there was a gently breeze. I sure was happy to have brought my chair umbrella as there was no shade to be had anywhere. Rigs of all sized and shapes kept on coming in. Lots of little Casita's, Scamps, T@Bs and other little trailers I have never heard of before. I think small is starting to be very popular. Of course lots of MH's C's and A's a few rentals too. But then it really started to get hot and I left Fred in the truck with A/C running while I finished up unpacking the truck. I then sat in there to for a bit to cool down. 
It was fine sitting under the umbrella and we did take a couple walks around. 
As the sun went down we did another walk and then set up the chair in the camper. It worked out pretty good. I read some e-mails,  FB things and even did a little crocheting. Just as I was falling asleep around 9 heard some people pull in and all hell broke loose. They had no consideration for anyone and the 4 kids ran amok screaming and fighting. Finally at 10:30 the camp host came and told them to shut it down or they had to leave. All went quiet. 

The either slept late or just stayed in for a very long time which was great. I enjoyed my coffee after Fred and I went for a nice walk. I had my breakfast that I enjoy so much when camping. Then about 10:30 the door swung open and once again all hell broke loose. That went on most of the day until they went off somewhere and everyone started to enjoy themselves and the peace and quiet. Of course they returned and it started all over again. I must have fallen asleep before the couple started to argue, but my friend who had parked next me went out and said we really don't need to hear you people anymore tonight, with that they went in and closed up the trailer.

But since I fell asleep so early Fred and I missed our last out. I woke up 12:30 and had to go and so did Fred. I didn't have a very good night and I decided to just come on home. The weather on Friday was very hot and Fred was not happy about it and neither was I. 

But I did manage to get some pictures.

Ocotillo were everywhere and blooming
 Tucson Mountains and a great saguaro
My camp site and my way to small camper
 Gambles Quail looking for breakfast

 Sure wish that pole wasn't there. I think I know what mountain range that is but will never be able to spell it

 Sunset Thurs. night
 The top of a saguaro hanging on 

 Not sure what happened to this one but the sun was at an angle that I couldn't get a good shot
This area had lots of dead Saguaros for some reason

This Ocotillo was at my camp site and must be very old as some of the limbs are very thick
 Sunset Friday night

 And sun rise this morning

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter

Good Night All


  1. Your pictures are wonderful. Rude people seem to be everywhere and we have one just a few houses down. The music (loud) starts at 10:30 am and goes to 7 or 9pm. Same songs, day after day. So much for paying HOA fees. I would love 500 acres with a house in the middle...just saying.

  2. That's just sad that your time away was ruined by inconsiderate people. I would have left also. Have a wondrous Easter.

  3. That's just sad that your time away was ruined by inconsiderate people. I would have left also. Have a wondrous Easter.

  4. Hi JMD,

    Reason for living in a 55+ neighborhood, of course now we have a kid who plays drum in the neighborhood behind me, still easier to listien to than brats, of course that's the parents for you.

    The 500 acres sounds wonderful to me.

    Hi Sandie,

    I should have known with it being a holiday that kids would be around. But there were other kids there too but you never heard them, you saw them but didn't hear them.
    I will be staying home today and going threw my gear I need to straighten things out again.
    Hope you have a wonderful day.

  5. To you Jo, wishing you and your family a Happy Easter.
    Glad you at least got our for a weekend. Maybe next time it will be more Enjoyable.
    To the inconsiderate people in the world, "You'll get your due."

    It's about time.

  6. Happy Easter SOOOOO happy you went tho you had some nice experiences for sure as your photos testify to that ohhhh that sunrise shot is amazinggg!! Rude people have to be handled in a rude way as that is the only thing they understand...your friend did the best thing!

  7. They certainly make a good case for boondocking with a quick getaway rig. I like that I'm only minutes from a quick getaway. Instead of going away for the weekend....consider running away for the weekdays while the kids are in school. Hoping you are able to find some fun in the sun before it is too hot to be there! Happy Easter!!

  8. You'd think after being told once to quiet down they would at least try or else move somewhere they wouldn't bother others.

    Your photos are really good.

  9. Hi Rick n Kathy,

    I wanted to see how the chair would work out so at least I know that works. Yes no more holiday week camping. There were other kids at the campground but they road bikes and were so quiet. Kudo's to their parents.

    Hi Sondra,

    Yes picture taking was a enjoyable part of the trip. One could only hope they will experience the effects of their rudeness sooner rather than later.

    Hi Karen,

    Yes they sure did make a good case for boondocking. A quick getaway rig would be wonderful. I don't think I will be doing anymore camping for awhile and certainly hope to hit the mountains this summer.

    Hi Gypsy,

    Some people are so rude it might have to take a bat to the side of the head for them to realize how nobody likes their ways.

    Glad you enjoyed the photos